Terribly Dysfunctional Royal Weddings

While royal weddings of toady can be a spectacle to behold but that was not always the case as here had been many occasions where the royal weddings turned to to be disastrous. From the pages of history we have gathered few of the terribly disastrous royal weddings.

Henry III of Navarre and Margaret of Valois

The marriage of Henry III who was king of Navarre and a Protestant by faith married to the daughter of French Catholic King who was named as Margaret. There was a huge difference of religion both parties but nonetheless marriage took pace with Thousands of Henry’s fellow Protestants joining the wedding. Six days after the wedding, a mass killing violence led to death of Protestants in Paris and Henry II was only able to come unscathed of this mass killing spree due to his wife. The incident caused considerable dent in their relationship and they further grew apart in latter life and went on to have spate lovers.

Henry III

Caracalla’s Proposed Wedding

Roman Empire and its various emperors had hard time with their eastern enemies, the Parthians. Emperor Caracalla in 216 AD decided to end this conflict with rater devious trick. He sent the marriage proposal for the daughter of the Parthian King who first reluctant agreed after seeing he lavishing gifts.

Caracalla entered the Parthians Empire with his army while Parthians thinking of the wedding left all of their weapons at home. On Caracalla’s signal, roman army started the massacre of the wedding guest and the Parthianian king barely made it alive out of there. Caracalla gains from this underhanded sneak attack were sort lived as he was assassinated a year later from this incident while urinating on side of road.


Cleopatra and Alexander

The ancient empire of Macedon had a habit of killing its king and Philip of Macon wanted to shun this belief when he held the marriage of his daughter Cleopatra with King Alexander of Epirus. The plan was that Philip would arrive at the theater of the competition games held after marriage ceremony alone as if a man protected by gods. Sadly right after entering amidst the cheers of his people, Philips was stabbed to death. Father of the bride assassinated on the day of the wedding is a pretty disastrous thing to happen on any wedding.


Prince Amadeo of Savoy and Maria Vittoria Dal Pozzo

The worst reported royal wedding that simply cannot be ignored of the terrible disastrous things happening on the marriage was he wedding of Prince Amadeo of Savoy and Maria Vittoria dal Pozzo. Starting off, one of the maids of Maria omitted suicide by hanging herself right before the wedding ceremony. Other than that an officer fell from his horse suffering from heatstroke and the place gates were jammed on arrival of couple. To make the day more ominous, the train from which the couple was to leave, and its conductor fell underneath the very same train. Fate of prince simply proceeded with wedding ceremony but to end it with more disaster, a noble fell from his horse in front of the carriage taking the newly wedded couple and was instantly killed.

Prince Amadeo

Olga of Kiev

The worst out of all wedding ceremonies is perhaps of the Olga of Kiev. Her husband was Igor the ruler of Kievan Rus who was killed in revolts by Drevlian tribe by tearing him apart in two pieces.

Drevlian thought of marrying their prince Mal to Olga in order for reconciliation. 20 men were sent which were burnt alive by Olga. Despite that Olga accepted the marriage proposal if, Prince Mal sent many of his notable noblemen, which he did and which Olga again roasted alive in a bathhouse. Olga then went to capital city of Drevlian where she announced a feast for mourning her husband’s death before marrying the price. Drevlian when drunk were massacred by Olga’s army. She later tied burning clothes to legs of sparrows and pigeons which led to bring the houses of the capital.

Olga of Kiev

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