Samsung’s folding Galaxy Z Flip smartphone shown in an alleged leaked video

A new Samsung folding smartphone is most likely to be announced this month and before this release occurred, one alleged video of this smartphone has surfaced online. A short clip was posted by a leaker named Ben Geskin in which a phone shows which is said to be named as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone, on Twitter. The origin of the video is still not clear.

This leaked footage of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone does not give out much detail about the new phone other than what has already been seen in the previously leaked renders and photos. But what can be told from this video is that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone uses the new type of Ultra-Thin Glass of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone also seems to look to be a good smartphone that can be slipped easily into the pocket or the handbag than any other Samsung smartphone or any other company’s smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip smartphone will be unveiled officially at Samsung’s Unpacked event which will be held in San Francisco on 11th February 2020. However, the main announcement at this launch is going to be of the Samsung Galaxy S20; the flagship phone of Samsung.

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