Tesla is back with its Customer Referral Program; This time with fewer free cars

Back on February 1st, Tesla Company pulled the plug on their Customer Referral Program and the reason they gave were the high costs. The reason seems legitimate as the company was giving away dozens upon dozens of free cars away, each worth about 250,000 dollars.

Tesla Company


However, the company with a man like Elon Musk behind its making has made a huge turn back as they once again revived their Customer Referral Program but this time the program is back with some fine tweaks.

Tesla Cars

The thing is that Tesla has reduced the benefits of their customers about convincing their friends or family members about buying the Tesla cars. However, still, these benefits are nothing to be scoffed at. Get a referral and receive the free of cost ‘Supercharging” for 1000 miles.


In addition to this, the person who offers a referral will be subject to draws with the following prizes.

  • Monthly draw to have a chance of winning the Tesla Model Y Founder Series
  • Quarterly draw to win the Tesla Roadster which is signed by Elon Musk

Tesla Model Y

Each referral will get the person two chances of these prizes.

Although these prizes now are good, they still do not hold a candle to the previous referral prizes which will get recipients some of the following rewards.

  • Supercharging for 6 months on a single referral
  • Tesla Powerall Batteries
  • Free top-notch wheels
  • A chance of winning the ticket to see the launch of SpaceX rocket

SpaceX rocket

The most amazing out of all the previous rewards was the 2 percent discount on the Tesla Roadster which could accumulate over time with each referral and ultimately result in a free car, Guaranteed.

Tesla referral program

Some terms and conditions have also been subjected to new referral rewards as well as the following.

  • Credit expires after 12 months
  • Free of cost Supercharging expires after 3 years
  • The company will also not hold the codes applicable if customers are selling or buying them

Still, the chance to get a 12 of Model Y for free or 4 Roadsters for free in 1 year still seems to be a great prize for the select lucky ones.

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