Unsolved Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Since the past two centuries after uncovering of the sands from ancient Egyptian Sphinx, Egypt has been a fascination for archeologist from around the globe with unlimited mysteries that are waiting to be unraveled.

Few of the discoveries of the Egypt that after being discovered are unsolved are as follows.

The Lost Labyrinth of Egypt

A 2500 year ancient old maze of passages was fund that held around 3000 interconnected rooms. According to stories of the ancient Egypt, The labyrinth is so complex that without a skilled guide nobody could find the way out. The only thing found in relation to this labyrinth myth is a 300 meter wide stone plateau which is believed to be foundation point of labyrinth back in 2008. Still no body has stepped inside so it is not confirm either there is a great ancient Egyptian labyrinth underneath Egypt or not.


The Sphinx of Israel

Back in 2013, Israeli archeologist found the ancient 4000 years old Egyptian Sphinx in Tel Hazor, Israel. This was the last of the places to have the sphinx. The sphinx only had feet that rest on a base. The statue was theorized to be one meter all with weight of half a ton.

The only trace of the sphinx being in Israel had the inscription at the base mentioning the Pharaoh named King Mycerinus who ruled Egypt back in 2500 BC. Best guess made about the presence of Sphinx in Israel is that it was perhaps a gift sent to Israel by King Mycerinus.


The Mysterious Death of King Tut

King Tutankhamen death at the age of 198 years old makes him the youngest dead Pharaoh ever with no proof of his actual reason for immature death. There had been multiple causes presented over the years for his death with him suffering from malaria or being born with genetic defects as a result of incestuous birth.

His skull also had fracture which initially was thought to be caused due to accident during embalming process but possible murder cause has also not been ruled out. His mummy also had a broken knee which raised possibility of him dying due to a chariot accident. The matter regarding is death and the cause of this death is still a mystery that remains to be solved.

King Tut

The Mummy Wrapped In a Foreign Book

A man bought an Egyptian mummy from a shopkeeper back in 1884. That man placed it as a decoration for years without realizing that t was in fact a bizarre artifact. Researchers when peeled off the bandages found the mummy to be wrapped in linen pages with text of a book that was not in Egyptian language.

The language was deciphered to be long lost language called Etruscan of a civilization that lived were the morn day Italy presides. The text obtained from this mummy is the largest record of Etruscan language ever found in history. Only thing revealed was that mummy was of a woman with few deciphered words like God and mortals of the Etruscan text. Other than that all the questions surrounding this case are a mystery waiting to be solved.

Foreign Book

The Lost Land Of Punt

Ancient Egyptian writing reference to an ancient African kingdom named Punt that is filled with gold, ivory and exotic animal life. Due to countless references in Egyptian artifacts found over the year, there is no doubt that it existed but scientist only traced the starting point to be from modern day Ethiopia. However other than that the Kingdom of Punt is still to be found which will uncover more ancient mysteries.


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