5 cool travel destinations for the digital nomads

Digital nomadism has become a new trend in these recent times. People who have become fed up with their 9 to 5 routines have decided to not only work but also travel around the world while making a living for themselves. There are many of the countries that offer best of the facilities for digital nomads with very cheap accommodation and utility prices. Some of these countries that have become the major hotpot for digital nomads are as follows.

Medellin, Colombia

Columbia has been on the rise for tourism in the recent years in many of the travel publications. The main travel worthy place of Colombia is now ironically the Medline which was once the hub for criminal activities in the world. This popularity has made it a hotspot for digital nomads. Thousands of digital nomads turn towards living in Medline due to not only heap accommodation charges but also due to availability of low priced high speed internet. If you are a digital nomad then it is best place for you to not only work but also have the famous freshly brewed cup of Colombian Joe.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires despite being in South America is regarded as the most European city in South America. It is all because of its vast cultural, architectural and immigration history. The availability of free Wi-Fi in parks and plazas around the city allow it to become a hub for digital nomads. Café culture has recently taken a trend in the city so it is essentially a great place to start your work and meet up with people of your own taste.

Buenos Aires

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been famous long before than any of the digital nomads came here. However still despite being already popular for tourists from around the globe, Bali has become a popular travel destination for digital nomads.

Luxurious villas wit cheap accommodation charges are available next to beach. Apart from cheap accommodation Bali offers many other attractions like vegetarian food of high quality as well as yoga classes.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has gained so much traffic from digital nomads in these past few years that people now refer to it as “the digital nomad capital of the world”. Despite being one of main cities of Thailand it ironically has a quite environment free from any hustle and bustle of cities. Due to the serene beauty and the peace of ears, majority of the digital nomads choose Chiang Mia as their first travel destination.

Not only accommodation is relatively inexpensive but in the recent years due to majority of digital nomads coming here, cafes have been built with sole purpose to provide services to these digital nomads. High speed internet is available at cheap price.

Chiang Mai

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