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A Woman Goes Under ‘The Knife’ for £20000 Procedure To Have Thin Legs, Barely Lives After Contracting A Flesh Eating Bacteria

This is the story about a woman named Jayney Nascimento who is 48 years old and is a resident of Shrewsbury, Shropshire. She borrowed a sum of 2000 pounds from her own mother for a procedure of getting skinny legs back in 2017.

The procedure was carried out at a private institution in the UK but after the procedure, she contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis bacteria aka the flesh-eating bacteria which left her dangling in the hope of surviving. She was put under a medically induced coma state and her legs almost got amputated while in a coma.

Jayney Nascimento said to media, “I paid for this very expensive cosmetic procedure so that I would be able to feel comfortable about showing my legs off. Instead of that happening, I nearly lost these legs of mine and I now hate them more than I ever did before this operation.”

She says that having the surgery was the biggest regret and mistake of her life and she nearly died because of it. Although she has survived this life-threatening condition, she is now scarred for life.




She further said, “I am just happy to be alive and for the fact that my daughter still has her mom.”

Back in 2005, Jayney was diagnosed with a condition called Lipedema which causes the abnormal build-up of the fat in the regions of buttocks and legs. In a short amount of time, her legs went from being a size 10 to size 16. She says, “For nearly 12 years I felt incredibly ridiculous of myself.  My legs were both size 16 whereas my top body was of size 10. I refused to wear any skirts or other short dresses. Even if the weather was scorching, I was not willing to wear shorts. I always dreamt about having the skinny legs and to wear a bikini.”

Jayney could not take more of this self-consciousness and decided to undergo a cosmetic procedure for her condition.  She went to her mother named Diane Powell, who is a 72 years old retired pharmacist, and asked her to borrow her 20000 pounds for the liposuction operation. She opted for liposuction because she was told that this was the only solution for her condition.

Back in June of 2017, Jayney underwent the procedure for about 2 hours.

Jayney says about that time, “After the liposuction, I had immense pain in my legs but I was very much excited to see my skinny legs.”


Doctors gave me permission to leave the hospital after a few days and after a few hours of arriving back home; I was feeling immense pain in my legs. The next day began with my body feeling ice-cold despite being wrapped up in blankets. I got concerned, ‘have I contracted some kind of infection?’ but then I let go of that thought and took medication for pain and did not go to the doctor.”

After 3 days, her health started to deteriorate at a faster pace.

Then one day, her 14 years old daughter named Jasmine saw her lying in the bed unconscious and immediately called for emergency services.

Jayney says, “When I came to be, I was in the hospital and thought that I might have been unconscious for about an hour. Then a doctor came and told me that I was put in a medically induced coma for nearly 2 days. He also told me that the flesh-eating bacteria had eaten through my legs. He also told me that I was only minutes away from certain death and that I am very lucky to come out alive from this condition. I then burst into tears.”

Necrotizing fasciitis is the medical condition that causes a certain type of bacteria to release deadly toxins that cause damage to soft tissues.

Jayney says, “My mother told me that the doctors wanted to amputate both of my legs while I was unconscious but then they somehow managed to stop the infection from spreading further. I felt really thankful that I had survived this horrible condition.”

For 3 days, Jayney refused to even look at her legs.

Then she did and she says about the moment, “I saw them after three days and I felt sick almost immediately. The right leg had no flesh and bones were visible. They were of black color and the smell was really foul. As for the left leg, it had skin grafts but with holes all over it. The leg looked as if it was of reptile.”

For the next whole month, Jayney had to undergo skin grafting for 20 times for the right leg and then her physiotherapy was started.




Then three weeks later, in August of 2017, Jayney was allowed to go back home after spending about 2 whole months.

She then used the Zimmer frame for moving around and had to use the electric chairlift. Her friend helped Jaylen by watching her daughter but she left really bad about not seeing her daughter too often.

It nearly took 1 month for her to walk on her own and it was then that her daughter moved back with her.



Jaylen said, “After learning to walk I quitted from my job as the support worker for the children care home as I as no longer able to run around with them. The next job I had was for an administrator. Whenever I wore a short dress as a skirt, people started staring at my legs.  All I ever wanted was to have skinny legs and now I am left with legs that are scarred for life.”



“My plans for the holidays wearing swimsuits are all in the air after this liposuction procedure. My daughter has helped me a lot to regain my self-esteem and she compliments me all the time. I have met my new partner named Karl who tells me that I am beautiful every single day.”


She further said, “Now I want for others to know about the Necrotizing Fasciitis Bacteria and also for others to recognize its horrible symptoms. I now suffer from PTSD after having this infection and am only trying to live my life in a happy and positive manner while thanking for the life I have.”

She finishes by saying, “I paid 2000 pounds for this surgery but then I had to pay the ultimate price for it, ‘My Life’”.




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