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Is There Really Going To Be “Youjo Senki Season 2” in 2020?

If you are a fan of the Isekai anime series that combines the military genre and has the fun and evil protagonist then you would know about Youjo Senki. The Youjo Senki is one of the most popular anime series out there of its type with a huge fan following. So the question is; why isn’t there any news about the Youjo Senki in 2020?

If there is no 2nd season, fans will never get to know how Tanya will ever be able to have the comfortable life she dreams of or if the character named Being X will ever make Tanya acknowledge her own existence.

Such questions and many others like them can only be answered if there is a sequel of Youjo Senki. And to know the story ahead, the only other way is to read the series’ source material. But the thing is that most of the anime lovers prefer to watch the animation instead of reading the source material. Well, the reason is simple; the story is better understandable in animation form.


Now the big problem with all this is that there is no official news about the release of Youjo Senki Season 2 yet. Also, we have no way of confirming if there are any future plans for the production of this project.

Figuring Out If There Will Be “Youjo Senki Season 2”?

For the many years of my life, I have watched hundreds of different anime series. Watching these series made me realize a method to determine as to how an anime gets a sequel or what prevents it. My method has many key points for handpicking a determining factor for production of a sequel. Some of these key factors are source material, sales & profit information and popularity graph.

We took that very same method and applied it to Youjo Senki to determine a possible answer for season 2 of Youjo Senki. We will present this information in 3 detailed parts to let you know if there is a possibility for Youjo Senki Season 2 or not.

Let us dive in straight ahead with our deduction.

Source I: Material Information for “Youjo Senki Season 2”:-

For any anime series looking for a sequel, the source material is the first contributing factor. The reason for this is because most of such series are either an adaptation of mangas, manhwas, games, visual novels, and light novels. In the case of the series “Youjo Senki” the source material is Light Novel.

After this, we will see if the story of this franchise is still in the continuation or not. If the story in the light novel form is already finished then the chances for a sequel’s development look bleak. Still, it does not mean that there will not be a sequel as there are cases where a series got an anime sequel for example Konosuba Season 3.

The other thing to determine here is to check as to how many of the light novel books have been made use of in the development of Youjo Senki Season 1 and its movie.

In some cases, it might take a few years for an anime series to get a sequel announcement because the earlier season or seasons caught up to the source material. A fine example of this scenario is One Punch Man Season 3 which is still waiting because the sporty caught up to the source material.

How many volumes of are there?

As of 2020, there are about 12 of the light novel books released for fans in Japan. The light novel was also adapted into manga form by the name “The Saga of Tanya the Evil”. The manga has 18 published volumes, so far.

Is it still ongoing?

Both the light novel and the manga of the Youjo Senki is still in continuation and the latest of the light novel books was published by the author named Carlo Zen back on 20th February 2020. Back in 2018, the author released 2 light novel books, and then a single one next year. As for 2020, he has released only 1 light novel book.

Which light novels does the anime cover?

For the anime adaption of the Youjo Senki, the production team made use of 3 first volumes of the light novel while the movie covered story of the volume 4. This means that if there is a Youjo Senki Season 2, it will resume from Volume 5 of the light novel, where the movie concluded.


For the Youjo Senki Season 1 and the Youjo Senki Movie, 4 volumes of light novel were used which leaves behind 8 volumes to work on. This is enough material to produce 2 more seasons of this series.

Source II: Information on Sales & Profit for “Youjo Senki Season 2”:-


This section of our discussion will be undertaking the information about sales & profits that this series and its movie generated for the production committee. If the profit margins were low or the movie couldn’t perform well on the box office, the hopes for sequel are minuscule. An example of this scenario is Akatsuki No Yona Season 2, which will never happen because of low profits.

Any anime series such as the Youjo Senki cost about 2 to 3 million dollars for the production. What we are looking for here are the profits gained from the anime as well as the movie. A simple fact to note here is that there were profits that made the movie of the series possible. Still, we hope that the movie and series did better than the Goblin Slayer which bombed on the box office and ultimately to end hopes for Goblin Slayer Season 2.

Blu-Ray sales:

The number of Blu-ray disks sold for the Youjo Senki Season 1 was around 7100 copies. A for an anime series that was released back in 2017, this number is indeed an incredible one.

Blu-ray sales do not matter in 2020 but they can still play a contributing part in a possibility for an anime’s sequel. Still, there are unorthodox cases like the series Accel World, which despite its great Blu-Ray sales is waiting on Accel World Season 2.

Light Novel sales:

As we said earlier, the 11th volume in the light novel series of Youjo Senki was released back on 20th February 2019. It had about 25K print copies sold. As for the latest 12th volume it sold around 22K print copies in 2020. For a light novel that was adapted into an anime; this figure is not great. But at the same time, the sales of the manga are doing quite well.

A fun fact here is that the series Youjo Senki has the worst sales for a light novel in the Isekai genre. As for the best out there, it is Overlord with a sale of 230K print copies. This is the main reason as to why there will definitely be an Overlord Season 4.

Manga Sales:

To or shock, the sales of the Youjo Senki manga is far better when compared with light novel sales. The latest of the manga volume; the volume no. 18 has around 70K copies sold. Still, we were expecting its number to be close to 100K like in case of Wise Man’s Grandchild.

This manga sale number is what makes us think that there will be a chance for Wise Man’s Grandchild Season 2 happening despite having such low light novel sales. Same can be the case for Youjo Senki with its huge manga sales and low light novel sales.


For the series Youjo Senki, there are around 18 Figurines available for fans to buy and all of these are of the character Tanya. We were hoping that there would latest be a single figurine for the character Viktoria but there isn’t. Still, they have 180 other merchandise items for fans as well.

We would consider this number to be weak but for a series like Youjo Senki, this number is understandable. This is a niche series that only has a single popular character in it. Looking at the picture this way makes more sense and the series having popularity. A case like this is Noragami with only 4 figurines and 450 other merchandise after having 2 seasons.

Youjo Senki Movie:

The box office business that the Youjo Senki movie did was about 400 million Japanese Yen which is roughly 5 million dollars. The movie’s blu-ray sales were around 20000 copies and this is quite impressive. The movie delivered well and this increases the chance for the anime to get a sequel.

Youjo Senki Game:

There is also the smartphone game of the series which was released earlier in 2020 by the similar name” Youjo Senki”. This section on how well the game did will be updated later on.

All of these above are few methods that determine how the series is doing in terms of profits. There are also many others but not all of them can be explained here.

Few of these other profit-generating sources include OST, opening & ending songs, web radio, international streaming licenses for Crunchyroll and Funimation, and many others.


Youjo Senki, for an Isekai series, is doing great in terms of profits. From what we could glean from all the information above; we can say that the franchise is actually doing well from its anime adaptation. The streaming revenue with blu-ray sales is boding well to generate a decent profit stream.

Source III: Information on Popularity of “Youjo Senki Season 2”:-


We also need to check how much popular the Youjo Senki series and the movie are. We will also see if the series is getting promotion among the fans these days or not. There is a possibility that the production committee has already decided to move on from this project to something more profitable.

Social Media:

The Youjo Senki official website got the last update earlier in 2020. The update was about the Youjo Senki movie having a cinema rescreening. As for the series’ official twitter account, it has 65K followers with the last tweet made back in June of 2020. The tweet was about the Op100 Special.

Google Trends:

The popularity of the Youjo Senki was at its peak back in 2017 after which it saw a sharp decline. The movie release contributed to a boost in this popularity but it was still at best 30 percent of the peak.

As for the current Google Searches, they are about 10 percent of the peak time in 2017.

Light Novels:

As of November 2020, there are around 650K print copies of the Youjo Senki light novel worldwide. The latest volume of the manga series got released in June 2020 with the latest light novel volume releasing back in February of 2020. If the luck is on the side of fans, they might get a 2nd volume of the light novel as well.


In 2020, the marketing team announced the pre-orders for fans to have a smartphone case, backpacks, T-shirts, and many other items. The movie release did boost these merchandise production and sales despite the series getting animation adaptation in 2017.


To conclude this section, Youjo Senki is still a popular anime series in 2020. The first season and movie are both doing well to promote the series and this is a good omen. The social mead of the site is active with new merch items coming even in 2020. All this indicates the decent popularity of the franchise.

The Big Reveal for “Youjo Senki Season 2”:-


The article concludes that despite having a decent popularity and profit-making, it is nowhere near a great profit-taking project. But for a niche based series, it is doing extremely well. So, our opinion is that that there is hope for the Youjo Senki Season 2 in the future. As for the time frame, we think that this can happen in the next 2 years or so.

We will be updating this article again next year to see if anything about the franchise has changed or not.

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