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Is There Really Going To Be “Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 Season 2” In 2020?

Among the many great shoujo anime with a plot of betrayal and revenge, one of them is Akatsuki No Yona. The series is a great one and this is why fans are asking why there isn’t the Akatsuki No Yona season 2 and also is there really going to be Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 in 2020?

Without the release of the 2nd season, fans will never truly learn if the character Su-won will be defeated and also if Yona is going to be able to reclaim Hiryuu Castle and the accompanying throne with it.

To these and many other questions in minds of the series’ fans will be answered with a sequel or by checking the source material for the franchise. Still, most people wouldn’t go directly for the source material as they like to watch the series in its animation form.

Now the big and disappointing answer is that there is no official news or even a rumor about the Akatsuki No Yona Season 2. Also, we have no information about there being a chance for there to be the Akatsuki No Yona season 2 anytime soon.

Figuring Out If There Will Be “Akatsuki No Yona Season 2”?

By watching the anime series for the better part of our life we have come to find a way to deduce possibility for an anime series sequel. The same method also tells us if there is any hope for a series to get a reboot or not anytime soon. We took that same method and applied it to Akatsuki No Yona to pinpoint the possibility for a sequel. For getting all these answers clear, we advise you to continue reading this article. All the information, for the ease of readers, has been dissected into 3 short parts.

Source I: Material Information for “Akatsuki No Yona Season 2”:-

For any anime project, the source material is the key point and quite a large number of anime series nowadays are only possible due to an existing source material. This source material can be present for the few years in form of other entertainment means like light novels, games, visual novels, and games. As for the case of Akatsuki No Yona, the production committee made use of the manga as the source material. Now we will be checking to see if the franchise’s manga is still in continuation or not and also what is the volume lease rate for it. If the story in the manga is already concluded, the chances for the sequel are very slim like in the case of Konosuba Season 3.

We will also check as to how many of the manga volumes have been made use of in the Akatsuki No Yona Season 1 and its OVA series. This is because there have been cases such as the No Game No Life Season 2 where the source material was not enough. In some rare cases, it takes quite a number of years before there is enough material for an anime’s 2nd season.

How many manga volumes of Akatsuki No Yona are there?

So far, there have been about 33 volumes of the manga “Yona of the Dawn” and all of them were released in Japan. Back in 2015, there also happened to be a light novel single volume with the title “Yona of the Dawn: Under the Same Moon”.

Is it still ongoing?

As for the manga, it is still in continuation and the latest volume no. 33 was released back on 30th August 20202 by the author “Mizuho Kusanagi”. As for the author’s release rate; it is 3 volumes each year for the last 10 years straight; surely an impressive release rate.

Which manga volumes does the anime cover?

The Akatsuki No Yona Season 1 was released first back in 2014. The production team used volume 1 to 8 for the creation and they still skipped a little bit of the source. As for the 2 OVA series of this anime, they made use of the entire volume 18. This ultimately means that the story for the Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 will start from volume 9 of the manga source.

Talking about Akatsuki No Yona reminds us about another anime “Air Gear”. This series also used quite a large number of manga volumes as well as skipped lots of the source and later released 3 OVA series. As for the question about Air gear Season 3, it was never announced.


To conclude this portion we would say that there is definitely lots of source material for the series’ continuation into a sequel. The source material for this project is not the main problem as not many of the manga series have such an impressive release rate for such a long time span. This is a big plus for the hopes of the Akatsuki No Yona Season 2.

Source II: Information on Sales & Profit for “Akatsuki No Yona Season 2”:-

Anime fans might be shocked to learn that a vast number of anime series they enjoy these days are actually losing money. If not, they have to wait for several years to even start getting profit on their projects. This is why sales & profit analysis is a key factor in determining a franchise’s chances for a sequel.

A franchise like Akatsuki No Yona usually takes about 4 or 5 million dollars budget for production. We have to also take into consideration as to how much money the first season made. This is because the profit-taking from the sequels is usually a little less. This has happened in the case of another series Noragami and why there will not be a Noragami Season 3.

We will also be simplifying this section of sales & profits in smaller sections for clear understanding.

Blu-Ray sales:

The blu-ray sales for the Akatsuki No Yona Season 1 were about 2800 copies. Considering the season released before 2015, any figure below the mark of 3000 is not a great performance. Still, for a shoujo series, this is quite a decent number.

These blu-ray sales have been thinning down over the last few years as streaming platforms have reduced the blu-ray profits. Popular anime series is now making quite a hefty sum in profit from these streaming platforms. A common example of it is the Overlord Season 4 which is a big hit in China.

Manga sales:

The Akatsuki No Yona manga volume no. 32 was released in Japan back on 20th April 2020 and 130000 copies were sold. As for the latest volume no. 33, it got released in August and 120000 print copies were sold.

Looking back at the sales numbers for the previous volumes, the numbers never crossed the barrier of 200000 print copies. Also, sales for a manga above the 100K figure is a decent one but never reaches the level of a popular manga series. Well, it is still doing better than Goblin Slayer.


So far, in our years of observing anime series, Akatsuki No Yona is the 2nd ever anime series which has 0 figurines for its characters. The first series we found was Tokyo Ravens. Even a less popular series like Kenja no Mago has 3 figurines but the chances for the Kenja no Mago Season 2 are 1 to none.

As for the number of merchandise times, they are at 270 which is far better when compared to Tokyo Ravens. I think there being no figurines of the series might be because of it being a shoujo series.

The above stated are some of the methods to determine profit-making of an anime series. Other methods for making profits include OST, opening & ending songs, international steaming licenses for Crunchyroll and Funimation, and many more.


So far, we deduce the series did not lost any money in making the first season but still, it does not look much profitable. The blu-ray disk sales, merchandise numbers, and manga sales; all look average at best.

Source III: Information on Popularity of “Akatsuki No Yona Season 2”:-

The next thing that matters for an anime’s chances for the sequel is it having a huge fan-base. So we will be seeing, is there a big fan-base for the franchise and can the 2nd season make enough profits after so many years have passed since the 1st season was released.

To find the answer, we need to go through the series’ official website, social media, print copies, new merchandise release, and Google trends. All of these will give us a clear picture as to how well the franchise is doing in terms of its popularity.

Social Media:

The Akatsuki No Yona official website was updated back in 2016 for the last time. The update was about there being a bonus on the purchase application of the Blu-ray and DVD for the entire volume. As for the franchise’s official Twitter page, it has 42K followers and the last tweet was in 2019. That tweet was about the anime’s rebroadcasting.

Google Trends:

The popularity of the Akatsuki No Yona was at its peak back in 2015 as per Google, after that, the popularity dropped steadily and the current popularity is at 25 percent of what it was used to be at the peak. Still, this is a normal popularity percentage for a shoujo manga series. At the peak of its popularity, the series matched the popularity of Accel World and there is still no news about Accel World Season 2.


If we talk about the Akatsuki No Yona manga series on a global scale, it is one of the most popular shoujo series. As per one interview in Japan, so far, there are around 70 million print copies of this manga sold in over 14 countries. The interview was a long time ago and this number must have increased over the years.


The series is not looking to produce any more merchandise items and there are no plans for the production of figurines. The only thing fans can buy are the acrylic figures for the series’ popular characters like Hak, zero, Yuno, Jae-Ha, and Yun. Although this is not a good number of figures, it is still better than nothing.


Without a doubt, the Akatsuki No Yona is one of the top-most popular shoujo manga series in 2020. It seems to be quite popular in Spain as well as in the rest of the world. For a series looking for a sequel, it is a great omen for it to be popular outside of Japan.

Why isn’t there Akatsuki no Yona Season 2 yet?

We can rule out the problem of source material as there is enough to make 4 more seasons. Popularity is also not a problem as it is one of the well-received shoujo series out there. The only thing that can be hindering the chances for season 2 might be money. The first season failed to deliver in terms of profits. The manga boost due to anime was also not that high because each volume had 80K plus sales for each volume even before the anime adaptation.

Also, blu-ray and merchandise sales are not that high to make a reasonable profit. And when the series was first aired in 2015, streaming platforms were not that common. As for the question of the series making money from streaming these days, it can only be seen after it happens.

The Big Reveal for “Akatsuki No Yona Season 2”:-

In our opinion, there is little to no chance that there will be an announcement for the Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 from its studio “Studio Pierrot”. So, for those of you waiting to learn what will be ahead of the season 1, you can read the manga.

5 years have passed since the release of 1st season and there is also no promotion campaign on the franchise’s official social media accounts. Still, with a figure of 70 million+ print copies sold worldwide, a streaming giant like Netflix might purchase the rights for production.

We will update the article next year, despite there being any news for Akatsuki No Yona Season 2 or not.

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