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Black Surface Headphones from Microsoft make appearance in a promotional video leak

Microsoft must already be in preparation for releasing its black colored schemed Surface Headphones as per the new leaked promotional video on the Twitter posted by WalkingCat. 

This video showed off a lot of the preexisting features of the headphones that are present in the gray-colored Surface Headphones which includes things like the dial for controlling the volume, and active noise cancellation feature. This leaked promotional video suggests that if you are looking out for new features, you might not be able to get your hands on some new functionality apart from having a fresh color scheme.

This promotional video has surfaced after a year when Microsoft introduced the over the ear surface headphones which have only been available in the gray color.

The very same year when these Gray-colored Surface Headphones were announced by Microsoft, the company also launched the Surface Pro with a matte black color scheme. So for those of you have been on the hold for buying yourself these Surface Headphones because they do not match with the black colored Surface Pro. Then your wait might end now.

Watch the leaked promotional video for the Black Surface Headphones.

While this promotional video somehow confirms that there is actually going to be a Black Surface Headphone, there is no concrete date of release for them. The trailer even made use of the same tagline which says, “Anything But Ordinary” that has been sued by Microsoft for the event of Surface earlier this week.

Still, the only audio gear that Microsoft announced at this event was the Surface Earbuds that comes at a price tag of 249 dollars. These Surface Earbuds are available in both the gray and the black color scheme. This slick ad clearly shows that Microsoft has already designed and manufactured the new black color scheme of the famed headphone and they will be announcing it any time soon.

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