Firefox Send: Mozilla launches a new free self-destructing file-sharing service

The latest service released by Mozilla is going to make everyone feel like a spy.

Mozilla the no profit company behind the famed open-source browser Firefox has finally launched a new encrypted self-destructing file sharing platform. The name of this new service is “Firefox Send”. This latest service from Mozilla had been in a beta testing phase since 2017. The service has been officially launched by the company on Tuesday this week.

It’s totally free:

The new service Firefox Send is totally free to use that will allow the Firefox users to send up to 1 GB of files via Mozilla for free. The company did not stop at that as they have given the users an option to sign up or the free Firefox account to increase this 1 GB limit to 2.5 GB. This is totally unlike any other file hosting service that normally required some paid compensation.

Files on Firefox Send will be ephemeral. Each of the file sent through this service will b set to expire in either of following two conditions.

  • A certain amount of time
  • Number of times it’s downloaded

How to use Firefox Send:

In order to sue the Firefox Send, a user needs to simply go to the website. After that that they must upload whatever file right on that page. Unless the size of the file exceeds 1 GB there is no need for a login, otherwise, a user must sign up a free account. In addition to all this, there are absolutely no pop-up ads which are quite common occurring for other file uploading services.

After the file is done uploading, sue can also set either a time limit or the number of downloads until it expires. The minimum time limit for the file expiration is 5 minutes while at the moment Firefox only allows the file to remain on the website for 7 days or 100 downloads.

Firefox still has provided the user to password protect their file’s link. After all is set, an encrypted file link is given by Firefox for easier sharing.

Firefox also announced that a beta version of the Firefox Send will be available as an Android app anytime later this week.

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