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Hilarious yet Ingenious Solutions to Everyday Problems

There are some things in life that we’re so used to; we never even thought they could be updated… Until someone showed us.

Below, we have put together a list of creative solutions to problems you never knew needed solving.

This whole list is full of genius ideas that’ll make your life easier in no time with a little laugh at doing so!

Helping the mail man

Who needs a microwave?

Instant Hot Shower

Broken Door Art

The coolest Gear Handle Ever

For When you gotta workout and don’t have proper equipment

Hot Wheels

Honey is the hater working Now?

Chair with Purse holder

Dentist has a ceiling with “Where’s Wally” tile to keep the patients entertained during appointments

What to do if the only plug is 6ft high up the wall.

No lock? no problem

Creative and fun Open Close sign

Water bowl to slow down bus drivers

Zip holder to prevent your fly coming open

A low-budget antitheft device to secure your car

Striped painted donkeys to compensate the lack of zebras in the zoo

How to take zoomed in photos without an expensive lens.

Couldn’t find the bottom part…so got creative

I Won’t Repeat Myself

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