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Insane Photos That Must Have a Story Behind Them

Life has a tendency to surprise us with things and events that we never even heard much less seen in our life. Today we have collected some such unexpected things in our article today. Some of them might seem like completely absurd but they do hide a story behind them while others are just some funny coincidences.

So scroll down to look at these insane photos that must have a story behind them.

Hey Princess, Can we talk while the Prince is away?


I guess this phone booth is used by Aquaman


He’s playing water polo and he still needs water to feel refreshed!!!!


Making a den out of the indoor pool; well Why not? It looks cozy enough

indoor pool

We hope that no one faint of heart sees this thing at night


The most reliable mobile phone in the history

mobile phone

Some of the calmest people in the world live in this neighborhood; BTW, those are mines from WWII


Took us a second to know what this really was


Road trains in Australia


Bird vs Box


Who’s responsible for the fire safety here? Giants?

fire safety

When your grandmother is a Predator fan

Predator fan

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