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Bull and Moon is the new app that lets a person choose stock based on their astrology sign

Astrology has long since been debated something as if it can influence a person’s life or not. Well, there is a large group of people that do believe in this notion. But what recently happened is really astonishing. Now a person can apply the insights of the celestial signs to help them pick stocks. An app by the name Bull and Moon has been introduced for this purpose.

The ‘Bull and Moon’ app is made by the professional prankster group that goes by the name MSCHF which is really as it sounds. The company is a creative one and its latest project in the form of the ‘Bull and Moon’ is also a creative one.

Design and Usage:-

The design of the Bull and Moon app takes certain cues from The Pattern and Co-Star, which gives it gold and blue theme with minimalistic lines to show the creative taste of its users. The ‘Bull and Moon’ app is really simple to use after a person downloads it on their device.

All a person needs to do is to input their first name, their date of birth and their experience in investing. After this, the app will provide the said person with some personalized stocks.

As for the simplicity in its working, there are a lot of things shrouded in mystery. The app does not show the chart for even the date when the companies were founded. The app also does not take into account the time of a person’s date of birth which is the main part of having an astrological chart of accurate reading. The only thing that is available on the app is the stock price of the company being breakdown in its historical prices.

Other Projects of MSCHF:-

The Bull and Moon app is not the first time that MSCHF has done something mischievous online.  In the past, they formed “Jesus Shoes”, which were only the Nike Shoes that had holy water taken from River Jordan and then added in their soles.

Another one of their projects is “The Word OF the Day Is”; a game on Slack where the participant could earn real money but it was sadly shut down by Slack.

After that came the “Netflix Hangouts” during which a person working at work seems like they are on an office call but are actually watching Netflix.

Lastly, there was “Timer Newer Roman” which is a font that appears like the Times New Roman but is 5 to 10 percent bigger in size than the original font.

These pranks from MSCH much like the new Bull and Moon app, are a poke of the creators at the seemingly modern but really weird trends that have been arising now and then. The thing for which the MSCH is to be credited heavily is their regularity on dropping each of their new projects. Every project drop has been scheduled in advance. So far, their schedule has something getting dropped out on every Tuesday with the 2nd or 4th date until 28th September 2021.

So, we can wait for their new project to drop.

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