iPhone 11: It might come with 3 cameras in competition with Huawei and Samsung smart phones

The special feature in what is going to be the iPhone 11 from Apple this year might be a 3rd back camera.

The rumor about the iPhone comes from a fan blog of a Japanese man name Mac Otakara. Otakara has made perfect leaked news about products of Apple’s months before their launch or even announcements.

According to the rumor of Otakara, this year’s iPhone will have a triple camera system on its back. This will be in a square-shaped bump located in the upper corner of the mobile.

According to the leak, this camera is going to be similar to Huawei Mate 20 Pro and is going to have a wide lens as well as ultra wide angle lens, telephone lens along with a flash LED.

Adding this third camera in the upcoming Apple mobile is going to level the playing field for the company which hasto compete with Samsung’s three camera mobiles like Galaxy S10 and S10+ r the Huawei P30 Pro.

There is also news from Otakara and that is that not every iPhone 11 will have this triple camera feature. Apple might be limiting the triple camera feature to the large iPhone models like XS Max.

In plain words, the entry-level iPhone 11 with 5.8 inches of screen and 64 GB storage might only have a dual camera while the 512 GB and 1 TB iPhone 11 might have triple camera feature.

In addition to the triple camera feature, this year’s upcoming iPhone 11 might also come with the bilateral wireless charging which is also named as the Reverse Wireless Charging.

It is going to be similar in function like the Wireless PowerShare feature which is in the Samsung Galaxy S10. This feature allows one mobile phone to charge another mobile phone or any other accessories of Samsung like Galaxy Buds.

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