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People who took it to far to look like their favorite Celebrities

People from around the globe mostly each have their own favorite celebrity from the field of sports, entertainment or any other field. These fans admire their favorite celebs each and every aspect ranging from their good looks to their fashion sense. While there are some ordinary fans and then there are some diehard fans which take things to a new extreme. These fans are just not satisfied by simply wearing the same clothes or shoes as their idols or mimicking their moves. Sometimes these crazy fans take it a little too far when they do so by transforming their selves as a whole to look like their idols.

For this they are not afraid to go under the knife for some pretty gruesome plastic surgeries. Below today we have gathered a list of such fans who have taken a step a little too far when transforming themselves to look like their favorite celebrities. While some the results are fascinating others are just too horrible to look at. Look for yourself and decide; was it worth it or not?!

Megan Fox — Cláudia Alende

Which of these 2 is the real Megan Fox? The one in the hat. Confused with their similarity? So are we. It seems like the Brazilian model Claudia Alende looks more like Megan than the actress herself does. Here’s another curious fact: Claudia has more than 2 million followers on Instagram which is twice as many as Megan Fox has.

Madonna — Adam Guerra

It took 12 years for Adam Guerra from Los Angeles to achieve his desire to look like the famous pop icon. He said it was all totally worth it. He became one of the most famous of all Madonna’s doppelgängers and he’s a regular star of the Venus D-Lite show.

Ricky Martin — Fran Mariano

Argentinian Fran Mariano has been trying to reach his goal for several years now — he wants to look like the famous singer Ricky Martin. To do this, Fran lost a lot of weight. It’s hard to believe that he weighed almost 380 lbs. In 2011, Fran participated in a show called Cuestión de Peso where they helped him manage his weight loss.

Kylie Jenner — Amira Boualleg

The youngest sister of the Kardashians — Kylie Jenner — has her own Instagram doppelgänger from France. Her name is Amira Boualleg. She is 16, lives in Paris, and says that people look at her as if they’ve already seen her somewhere. Just like Kylie, Amira loves cosmetics and hopes that someday she’ll be able to launch her own cosmetic brand.

Superman — Herbert Chavez

Superman fan from Philippines, Herbert Chavez, underwent 26 surgeries to transform into his comic book hero. He’s been collecting Superman action figures since he was 4, hoping that he’ll be just like him someday. His dream came true when he turned 37 and it took a lot of effort. Herbert is sure that it’s all totally worth it.

Angelina Jolie — Chelsea Marr

British woman, Chelsea Marr, has endured abuse from nasty Internet trolls because of her similarity to Angelina Jolie. The online abuse was one of the main reasons Chelsea had to drop her modeling career and work as the actress’ doppelgänger. She confessed that despite all the negative comments, she’s happy about her and Angelina’s similarity. She’d rather look like that, than like Sloth from The Goonies.

The Hulk — Romario Dos Santos Alves

A Brazilian bodybuilder thought bulging muscles weren’t enough to look like his hero — the Hulk. That’s why Romario decided to do synthol injections to have his arms look bigger. Unfortunately, his experiment could’ve had a tragic end if it weren’t for the doctors who saved him from amputation.

Rihanna — Renee Kujur

India has its own “Rihanna” — model Renee Kijur who is really proud of her similarity to the singer. She even has an Instagram account under a similar name badgalrene, while Rihanna’s is badgalriri. Their similarity has really helped Renee. The thing is, people in India prefer models with a lighter skin tone and girls with darker skin usually find it hard to find work as models.

Leonardo DiCaprio — Konrad Annerud

Swedish skateboarder and model, Konrad Annerud, looks so much like a young DiCaprio that he could easily play him in a biography film. However, both Leonardo and Konrad look similar to one famous historic persona — Vladimir Lenin.

Kim Kardashian — Kamilla Osman

Kim has a lot of copycats but Kamilla Osman from Canada is definitely the most famous one. According to Kamilla, she never wanted to look exactly like Kim, it just turned out this way. She also took part in the shooting of one of the episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Kim published their selfie together on her Twitter. You can’t tell who is who in this photo.

Jessica Rabbit, The Little Mermaid, and other characters — Pixee Fox

Swedish model from Las Vegas, Pixee Fox, looks like several Disney characters at once. Facing the camera — she’s Jessica Rabbit, standing in profile — she’s The Little Mermaid.

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