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The cutest thing; babies mimic scene from movie Frozen

Some kids are just smart from the get-go; doing amazing things and sometimes amazingly hilarious things. The children of the new generation are much smarter in almost every way. They pick up on things way quicker than kids of 50 years ago. Even toddlers of 1 or two years can amaze you with their intelligence.

This is the reason that there has been quite a load of funny videos of babies doing most unexpected yet hilarious things surfacing up on the internet in the recent years.

Today we bring to our audience one such video that is both amazing to watch and hilarious as well. Apparently the two kids in this video are fans of the animated popular Disney film “Frozen”.  These two kids who were just playing around, mom to settle them down and obviously make the video of them; starts the film from one particular scene where the two main characters of the film; one being Elsa the elder sister with Ice powers and the younger sister Anna, both sneak out of their rooms to play in the big ballroom by making snow from Elsa’s power.

The babies seem to like this particular scene of the film very much as they have clearly mimic very part of his scene from making snow for playing, making the magical snowman Olaf and hugging him and to tragic scene of Anna getting hit by Elsa’s power accidentally. The two kids even hug each other the same way the sisters hug in the film.

The video is both amazing and hilarious. You will defiantly have a laugh at their reactions. This is going to be one of the cutest things that you are going to watch today that is going to make the rest of your day blissfully happy.

Watch the video down below.

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