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Best Grandparent Reaction to a Pregnancy Announcement

A baby announcement is one of the most exciting news that a person can hear in their life. No matter it’s a first-time mom, a friend or of a close family member’s pregnancy news it just a roller coaster of emotions. Every person acts with a different type of excitement to this kind of news.

The expression that is most priceless is hearing your own parents screaming in excitement after hearing the news that they are going to be a grandparent. Grandparents are looking forward to showering their grandkids with all the love and wisdom they have from the moment their own children get married.

According to some grandparent, the most exciting part of being a grandparent is to leave the child rotten for his own parents to discipline him or her. This is the very reason; the kids find their grandparents their best friends and favourite out of all family members.

Today we are sharing with you one such video of soon to be grandparents’ reaction after hearing or should we say after figuring out that they are going to be the grandparent.


The video starts off with a family game night where one group has to keep noise cancelling headphones on and figure out what other person is saying by reading their lip movements. The game is being held between a son and his wife against his own parents. Little do the parents of the son know that they are in for surprising news? We think that either the soon to be grandma has been already informed of this big news or she is really good at reading lips because she is grinning from ear to ear after seeing her husband figuring out the words coming out of his son’s mouth.


It’s just better to watch the video and see the whole thing including the fun game and finally the news that the father has suddenly realized. The video will make you laugh from start to the very end.

Watch the video down below.

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