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Awkward Summer Vacation Photos

Summer vacations are something that nearly everyone looks forward to. The dream of being somewhere warm and tropical without a care in the world, sharing special moments with the ones you love. The reality of your typical summer vacation is a different story. They usually involve travel horror stories, funny scorched-earth sunburns, and plenty of awkward moments caught on camera. Either these awkward summer vacation photos will get you pumped for your next summer vacation adventure, or they’ll make you reconsider your plans and think about a staycation instead.

Wherever the road may take you this summer, try to not end up like the families in these funny summer photos.

Why Moms Shouldn’t Be on Facebook



Why Kids Love Hawaii

Falling for summer

Hey there Foreigner

Scenery here is really beautiful.

This vacation is B-A-N-A-N-A-S.


Moon Over Manhattan

It looks like someone is getting sea sick

this couple made a new friend on vacation

The fish snatcher

Meanwhile at Niagara Falls

Anyone else see that “Cats for Sale” sign back there?

I Pee on Your Vacation

Summer Vacation Parenting Done Right

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