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Tech Gifts To Give On Christmas (under $20)

The Holidays are soon going to be here and this means that each one of us must spend lots of money on buying gifts for our friends and family embers. But this does not mean that you only need to spend a huge sum of money to get a quality gift.  There are lots of cheap and less expensive options available for buying gifts online these days.

One thing when buying a gift is to present someone with a thing that they will use and remember you. So what is the thing that everybody uses these days? Well, what else than the technological and electronic items. There are lots of accessories available for electronic items these days that you can choose one tailored for each individual.

The great thing about our list of the tech gifts for giving on Christmas is that they are all under the price of $20. So let’s get on with our list of tech gifts to give on this Christmas (0under $20).

Joto Electronics Organizer

The first item on our list is the Joto Electronics Organizer which comes for a price of only 16.99 dollars.  This thing is tailored to those who have to travel with more than one tech gadget but they cannot seem to have space to hold all of them inside their backpack or travel luggage. The thing about gadgets is that they all come with wires and cables and they can get mangled up if you manage to put them into the bag.

The Joto Electronics Organizer bag solves all of these problems as you can sort your things in a clean and orderly manner makes it one of the best tech gifts to give on this Christmas.

DaVoice Flexible iPhone Tripod

Next up is the DaVoice Flexible iPhone Tripod for a price of 14.95 dollars.

Everybody today likes to snap photos of everyday life or on their travel destinations. Still, nobody likes to buy a camera just for taking pictures because everybody relies on their smartphone cameras.

You can help your friends and family get their photography to pro-level with the DaVoice Flexible iPhone Tripod which is great because of its flexible design and ability to work with almost every smartphone.

This tripod also is given with a remote control that is Bluetooth operated.

RAVPower Qi-certified Wireless Charger 10W

The third item for giving as a tech gift this Christmas is the RAVPower Qi-certified Wireless Charger 10W coming at a price of only 12.99 dollars.

Lots of smartphones these days are coming out with wireless charging capabilities. But still, not many of them are available along with a wireless charging box. This is the main reason that not many people use this feature of smartphones and even forget it altogether.

Well if you have a friend or family member with such a feature phone, then you can gift them this RAVPower Qi-certified Wireless Charger.

This charger is certified by Qi and gives an output of 10W while working with numerous smartphone models like the Apple and Samsung smartphones that support the feature of wireless charging.

Bluelounge Posto Universal Headphone Stand

If you are somebody who loves to use the full-blown large-sized headphones then you might have a problem of clutter on your desk from these headphones.

Luckily there is just the tech gadget to reduce this clutter and this is the Bluelounge Posto Universal Headphone Stand which comes at a price of only 19.95 dollars. This chic headphone stand comes in colors of white and black with the headrest being made of rubber. This rubber headrest will prevent the headphones from getting a dent.

Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable

Next up is the Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable which is available for a price of 14.99 dollars.

It does not matter that if you are an Android or the Apple phone user, there are still going to be lots of gadgets in the home that will require the use of different types of charging cables. But the thing about all those charging cables is that you might stash them somewhere and forget about them or if you find them, you must spend an hour to unmingle them from each other.

Well, wouldn’t it be relay nice if there was 1 master cable to solve all of the charging cable needs?  Well, there is and it is called the Anker PowerLine II 3-in-1 Cable. It might be a little expensive for a charging cable but the use is really practical. The wire comes with one side having a USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning jacks while the other one has the USB-A connector on its other end. This makes it perfect for every charging need.

Incart Crocodile Car Mount

The price for the Incart Crocodile Car Mount is about 10.99 dollars.

You might have spent thousands of dollars on the car phone holders but in the end, none of them might have worked well for you. The Incart Crocodile Car Mount is amazing in its simplicity.

Simply stick it onto the dashboard of your car and it will give you a horizontal view phone holder. This is the ideal phone holder for the long drives where you might need the navigational software of your mobile to find the way.

The only drawback is that it does not get attached over a leather surface but makes up for it by giving 2 different angels for view.

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Keyboard

Last but not least on our list of tech gifts to give on Christmas is the Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Keyboard which comes at a price of only 19.99 dollars.

This is a great gift for your kids as this is a wireless keyboard with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity options along with the backlit keys.

The keyboard has the rechargeable batteries with the expected battery life to be about 6 months. This certainly frees one from the worry of incurring the cost for the disposable batteries. If this is not enough to intrigue you to buy this tech gift, then hear this; it is light in weight, thin in size and is compatible with almost all the main operating systems in use.

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