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Baby Boy Eager To Blow Out The Cake Candles

Birthdays hold a special place in a person’s life. It is the time that many of us usually spend with our friends and family as we are the king of that big day.


The festivity of the occasion is great and it is made all the more sweeter with the presence of those delicious cakes.


They say as you blow the candles, you must first make a wish and that wish will eventually come true. We don’t know about the certainty of this saying but we do know that the hero of our video today took this rather seriously.


Today we present to you a video in which a  kid is so eager to blow out the candles on cakes that he simply just cannot wait for them to even light up.


As soon as the first candle lit up., he was all over the cake. Family members tried to hold him down to say “Buddy let the candles be lit at first”, but who the hell is going to listen.


Well, you have to see the eagerness of this little champ for yourself down below. The look of accomplishment as he blows out the candle makes the video all the more cheerful.

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