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Weng Chen; An Artist And A Mother Illustrates the Pain of Raising a Child, It Made Us Both Cry and Laugh at the Same Time

Weng Chun is both an artist and a mother who draws perfect illustrations that define as to how raising a child can be both hard and fun at the very same time. Most of the illustrations that she has drawn in her comic book by the name of “Messy Cow” have been based on her own parenting experiences over the years of raising her child. She explains clearly as to why raising a child can be such a blessing from heavens above but at times it can be a real curse that comes with lots of pain.

Today we wanted to share the works of Messy Cow with our readers. The list has been compiled for especially those readers that are planning for a baby to give them a little heads up as to what their lives will look like in future.

With all jokes apart, scroll down to see this amazing collection from Messy Cow.


Weng Chen Art 1


Weng Chen Art 2


Weng Chen Art 3


Weng Chen Art 4


Weng Chen Art 5


Weng Chen Art 6


Weng Chen Art 7


Weng Chen Art 8


Weng Chen Art 9

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