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People Whose Eyebrows Are So Extra, It’s Hard to Turn a Blind-Eye to Them

Many of us might not give much importance to the eyebrows and only think that they have one purpose; to protect our eyes from getting the dirt. However, it is these eyebrows that actually change the way we look. The way these eyebrows must be plucked is very crucial to getting a new look and some people have gone even far being creative with eyebrow plucking. Some have made eyebrow cats while others have made some crazy lines. All in all, these hilarious eyebrows will make you laugh hard.

Today we have collected a list of some unusual eyebrows for our readers to take a look at and their proud owners.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these people whose eyebrows are so extra, it’s hard to turn a blind eye to them.

Here’s what being a fan looks like


Well done, honey! It’s almost a unibrow


When you already know what’s in all your gift boxes, but still want to look surprised


These eyebrows look like her lab experiment went wrong


What? Do you dare to argue with me? Poor thing

Poor thing

Got a problem, sweetie?


When the labels on your clothes aren’t enough


Salvador Dali would be proud of her

Salvador Dali

A perfect variant for those who desperately need the proper reputation


Well guys, today we’re having a reproductive anatomy class…

anatomy class

She clearly needs some help…


These 2 almost got married


Brow dots: when piercing is not enough

Brow dots

This is unfair! His brows are thicker than my hair


The alibi that’s always with you


When you’re fed up with everything, but still try to look involved

fed up

Catbrows: take the coziness of your home with you


When plucking eyebrows is too boring, you get creative

plucking eyebrows

Her love for nature is written on her face


She’s like: “Ooh, this is gonna be a fail…how exciting”!


Aliens are coming!


Hey, this guy sends you the vibes of love


Well, who needs eyebrows anyway?


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