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Best apps for learning something new

In the old days, if you had to eland something new, you needed to go to the library and then look for a specific book and read about it. But now thanks to technology, a single search on Google or YouTube can lead to hundreds of thousands of search results. A few scrolls over social media can lead to an unlimited number of the recipe for foods to health-related knowledge. The point here is that nowadays there is an app for literally every kind of knowledge. Taking this into consideration we bring to you Best apps for learning something news.

Masterclass: Learn Something New

The first app is Masterclass which offers ear 70 different types of classes given by professionals of the varying fields. All of these professionals are of high-caliber like Stephen Curry, Simone Biles and many more.

Each class on average offers 24 different video lessons that come with a workbook that is downloadable. This workbook includes learning materials, assignments, lesson recaps as well as other insights from the professionals.

The app is free to download on both Google Play and App Store but classes are expensive to have. For 1 class the cost is about 89.99 dollars while the all-access pass for 1 year is for 179.99 dollars.

Headspace: Meditation station

Next up is the app related to mediation and as the app’s working it is named appropriately; Headspace. Meditation has been known for improvement in concentration as well as attention to relive the symptoms of depression, pain, and anxiety. And if you want all this, then Headspace is the right learning app for you.

It is a quick guide to mediation in your pocket as it offers exercises that are backed with clinical researches from the best experts. Each of the exercises is carried out with a soothing voice that lets the user know when to breathe and to pay attention to their surroundings.

There are also exercises to navigate change and reframe the person’s loneliness and if that’s not enough this app also recommends the mediation session based upon the user’s needs.

The app is available on Google Play and App Store and offers 2 weeks free trial period. After that monthly subscription costs 12.99 dollars while the all-year pass is for 69.99 dollars.

Anchor: Learn about podcasting

Podcasts are becoming the new norm in the world of technology and if you plan to become a podcaster then Anchor is the right app for you. This tool like app lets the user record, edit as well as publishes their podcasts along with teaching the users all the ins and outs for the production.

After a user is done learning the basic know-how of podcasting the app will then also handles the hosting and distribution of the podcast for free. If that is not enough Anchor also prides analytical tools for tracking traffic and looking for opportunities to monetize user’s podcasts.

As for now, the app is completely free of charge to use and is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Mimo: Coding for Newbies

They say that learning the coding language is like learning a completely new language. One needs a solid grip on the language’s vocabulary and syntax before creativity can flow. To make this whole process easy, Mimo is here as an app that divides these steps in simple exercises and project-based lessons to let the user see results in real-time.

Mimo is free to download on Google Play and the App Store. While some lessons are free others require either a monthly subscription for the cost of 9.99 dollars or a yearly subscription of 59.99 dollars. For the first 7 weeks, the app offers a free trial.

Yousician: Instrumental instruction  

For those of you who want to start learning how to play guitar, then Yousician is the best learning app for you. Well, not only guitar, you can learn all sorts of instruments like piano, bass, ukulele all the while singing on the app.

Yousician will walk the user through basics with video and other interactive lessons that will provide for the feedback based on the sounds the user makes on their instrument.

The app is available on both the Google Play and the App Store. Yousician provides either 1 lesson or 10 minutes of feedback each day for free. The premium version costs about 14.99 dollars per month to have unlimited lessons.

Investr: How-to guide for investing

Investr is the app that offers its users educational modules about business, economics, finance, and investments and is the right app for those who have an interest for the stock market.

The app works by giving the single user 1 million of Imaginary Money to trade on fantasy stocks based on the market developments that are occurring in real-time. the app also offers the Private League of friends or you can do solo work to finish among the top 10 users of Investr and win a cash voucher of almost 500 dollars.

The app is free to download on both Google Play and the App Store. For extra fun on the app, users can switch to the premium version for a monthly subscription of 3.99 dollars.

Sketch AR: Learn About Augmented drawing process

Download the Sketch AR and get lessons on drawing nearly anything from the app. Start with sketches of arms, figures or face parts for nailing down the basics of sketching. Nailed the basics? Jump to drawing animals, anime, food, plants and portraits. All a user needs to do is to trace the lines the app displays.

The app lets the user draw on the device wit their finger or on the piece of paper or floor or wall by providing virtual trace marks that originate from the app’s own feature of augmented reality. For the seamless experience, pair the app with the AR glasses.

The app is offered for free download on Microsoft Store, App Store, and Google Play. The app’s pro version offers step-by-step lessons as well as numerous items in the library for a monthly price of 4.99 dollars or 29.99 dollars yearly.

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