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Couples that proved love can change us for the better

They say appearance doesn’t matter if you are in love. When the feelings are their peak, many couples make promises to each other to love each other forever and in any guise. But are you ready to become better for your second half? The couples in this article have proven by their own example that there is nothing impossible when you are working toward your goal together.

We will show you a few of the couples who inspired each other to lose weight. They managed to attain incredible results together.

So scroll down to look at these Couples that proved love can change us for the better.

This is the story of an incredible transformation. 3 years difference between these 2 photos

incredible transformation

Danny and Lexi have lost almost 440 pounds over a year combined. Their combined weight was almost 770 pounds when they got married, but it didn’t bother them at all. However, soon after they got married they learned that if they didn’t lose weight, they wouldn’t be able to have a baby. The result of their journey together speaks for themselves.

Danny and Lexi

This couple got into perfect physical shape over one year. All this because of a New Year’s resolution they made on New Year’s Eve.


This couple completely changed their lifestyle in 2 years. All of this it wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t supported each other along the way.


In 2013, this couple decided that it was time to start living a healthy lifestyle. After one year, they lost 330 pounds together and started to look stunning.

healthy lifestyle

These guys got into great shape before their wedding.


Both of them suffered from eating disorders but they supported each other in this common weight loss journey. Now they lost more than 500 pounds together over 2 years.

eating disorders

A couple in love lost 330 pounds combined in a short period of time together. This extreme weight loss left its trace, a big amount of extra skin. Now they are raising funds to be able to get plastic surgeries.

weight loss

These two became true athletes instead of simply losing weight, especially after having a baby


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