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A 12 Y.O. Boys Gives An Unwanted Puppy Another Chance At Life By Making It A Wheelchair Out Of LEGOs

Today let us introduce to you a puppy named Gracie that did not have a good start at her life. When Gracie was born, she was dumped mercilessly by her first owners without giving a second thought to her well being. The reason they dumped her was that she was born with a strange defect that caused her to have no front legs. When this disabled pup made its way to the office of the vet, the pup had already been in horrible condition with maggots crawling all over her body and no airs around her eyes.

Still, the puppy was filled with hope and a strong will of not giving up on its life. So was the case for the kind-hearted people, who had rescued her.

This is Gracie, the adorable yet disabled puppy whose life got happy once more by a 12-year-old kid.


The Turney Family adopted Gracie as they run the animal shelter too. As they already had been the owner of a paralyzed dog and another one who did not have a limb, they were aware as to how difficult it was to raise a dog like Gracie.


Their only worry was to somehow improve the mobility of Gracie. This puppy was still short in size and was not ready for a wheelchair and needed some other easy solution for growing out of her disability.


Luckily for Gracie, the family’s son named Dylan came to Gracie’s rescue as he made a makeshift wheelchair from LEGOs.


This LEGO wheelchair was perfect for allowing the Gracie to live her life almost like a normal dog.


To get used to this wheelchair of LEGOS, it took Gracie a few months but then she was finally able to move around.


Now after having some practice, Gracie is now able to not only walk but also run around the house without any help.


After Gracie grew up a little bit, bigger wheels were added to this LEGO Wheelchair.


Now Gracie has finally grown up properly and is fitted with a proper dog wheelchair.


Watch the story of Gracie in the video below.

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