Everything About the Apple’s new macOS 10.15 Catalina

The news is official; the next and new version of the Apple’s Mac operating system is going to be named as macOS 10.15 Catalina.

This new software update for the operating system was announced to the world in Apple’s recent WWDC 2019 event and is going to be available for use sometime near the fall. As it has predicted earlier, this macOS 10.15 Catalina has not been an improvement of the 18 years old software but it is still the same operating system that everyone has come to love over the years; now giving an augmentation to the iPad apps.

Yes, it is finally true, the iPad apps will now finally be able to run on macOS and are most likely going to give life to the Apple desktop computing platform once more.

The name macOS 10.15 Catalina also follows the previous nomenclature which is given to it after another scenic place.

Catalina is going to be able to work perfectly over all Macs which have been released since mid 202 and after. A developer beta program is currently available and the public beta will be available in July and the consumer version will be released in fall of this year.

Below are the features known about Apple’s macOS 10.15 Catalina.

iPad Apps’ coming to Mac:-

Every lover of Apple was aware that the iPad apps are soon going to come on the Mac as Apple itself announced to the world last year at the WWDC of their plans to bring the apps over to Mac platform.

A year ago it was not clear as to how these iPad apps would look when they run on the macOS. Now with this macOS 10.15 Catalina the iPad apps, which are ported to the Mac, will work just like they would work on iPads i.e. Big Buttons for the touch screens as well as running within a window on the Mac.

At the WWDC 2019, Apple revealed that the iPad apps can be turned into Mac apps in a way which is as simple as checking off a box in the Xcode. This new feature of the macOS is named as “Project Catalyst’ which will be available to the developers in the developers’ beta.

No More iTunes:-

Another prominent change in the macOS 10.15 Catalina is that it no longer has the iTunes. After 18 years of the first time, it was introduced to the world, Apple has finally removed its media player.

It has been an essential piece of software for connecting the iPods as well as iPads and iPhones to the Macs. Users would use it to buy music, videos as well as stream Apple Music.

However, after continuous updates with new features, iTunes turned into an app which every user avoids from opening. The app also became notorious for eating up lots of system resources.

Now with macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple presents 3 of the following standalone apps.

  • Music
  • TV
  • Podcasts


The new OS presents a feature called Sidecar which will allow users to use the iPad Pro as a 2nd screen for the Mac which is similar to using an ordinary desktop display.

The Sidecar is still going to support the touch screen as well as the Apple Pencil on the iPad. Following keyboard, controls are also going to show up on the left and the bottom of the iPad screen.

  • Command
  • Option
  • Control
  • Touch Bar controls

Sidecar is also going to work in the wireless as well as wired mode.

Voice Control:-

The Voice Control is the accessibility feature that allows the user to control the Mac with their voice, giving the user full control over their Mac with nothing but their voice.

In the event, Apple presented a demo where they showed the use of Voice Control for doing the following function.

  • Edit text
  • Tap buttons
  • Launch apps

This Voice Control has not been based on Siri and the user will only be able to pick out a command from the list of the already programmed commands.

Screen Time:-

Apple plans to make people more aware of as to how much time they spend on their Macs and also to take time off from being glued over the retina display for a long period of time.

Apple introduced the Screen Time last year for allowing the users to spend less time on their iPads and iPhones and now they have brought a similar feature over the macOS. With the Screen Time feature, users will receive the daily report of their Mac activity which will also show the amount of time they spend on certain apps.

The screen time will also let the users set a limit to restrict the time they spend on the apps. This feature is most likely going to be appreciated by the parents for limiting their children’s usage over the computers.

Find My App:-

In the new macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple has merged two of its renowned apps; the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps to form one “Find My” app.

In addition to this, this new app is also has a feature called “Find Network” that will allow users to locate other devices even if their device is not connected to cellular of a Wi-Fi network.

Other features:-

The features explained above are still the highlights of the macOS 10.15 Catalina as Apple did not have enough time to make a detail explanation of all the features.

For example, the Mail app will allow the user to block an incoming email from a certain person or mute threads as well as unsubscribe a person from mailing lists.

As for the Reminders app, it will have a redesigned version. Safari browser will use Siri Suggestions as well as Photo and Notes apps will have major tweaks for improved features.

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