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Hilarious Examples of Bad Luck

What do you know about an unlucky day? And it’s not just being late for a meeting or missing a bus. Most really unlucky events happen unexpectedly and you can’t control them. According to research, unlucky people are generally much tenser and anxious than lucky people, and normally anxiety disrupts people’s ability to stay away from accidents.

We found a few pictures that show examples of bad luck.

So scroll down to look at some of the Hilarious Examples of Bad Luck.

It was the first and the last time she ever cooked


Can you guess who the owner of this car is out of all those people?


Not who she was expecting


A little help for the needy, please

little help

Bad Luck level 100

Bad Luck

Who will be the lucky person?

lucky person

Guys, who parked the car here s having the unluckiest day from all

unluckiest day

Sometimes you win the battle but lose the war


Not cool, not cool at all God


I not only lost my apple but my apple slicer as well


She was just absentmindedly running her pen over her jeans while talking to her teacher and she didn’t realize it was open


Note to self; Never ever drink anything while wearing a helmet. Anything


When the construction inspector comes for a visit

construction inspector

Must’ve been painful


I say the person who stopped to take a photo at a moment like this is the unluckiest of all people

unlucky people

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