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Hilarious yet Genius Parenting Hacks Ever

Raising children is hard ok. It takes a certain amount of dedication, and sacrifice from the parents’ end but it is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding journeys of our lives. While some things raising a baby are unavoidable, you can still make your life a whole lot easier by using a little bit of imagination and creativeness.

Today we have collected a bunch of genius parenting hacks and tricks that will leave you hanging with a question before using them, “Why did not I think of that?”

So scroll down below to check out these hilarious yet genius parenting hacks ever. You are free to choose one or even many of them to make your life easier around kids.

How to tell your twins apart 


How to easily teach multiplication tables

easily teach

BBQ Dad Hack


Use a tent to make a sandpit. You will be able to close it during the night to keep the cats out


Buy a rectangle-shaped Tupperware and make ‘snow blocks’ for an ‘igloo’. Kids will absolutely love it


Keep your toddlers busy for over long flights with these window stickers on the plane. Easy to pack; fun for them, and cheap!


If you have to bring your stroller indoors put shower caps on the wheels to prevent bringing the dirt inside


Keep a cheap potty chair in your car along with a few diapers. if your child needs to go to the bathroom when there isn’t one, open a diaper and put in the bottom of the potty chair. When he is done, wrap up the diaper and done. No mess

potty chair

Inventive Dad of the Day

Inventive Dad

In need of a little bit of hands free time? Place your baby in front of the washing machine for a whole new world of entertainment


 Put Masking Tape on a carpet for your kid to play with toy cars

Masking Tape

When your toddler doesn’t want apples, cut them like this and pretend you made apple French fries


When you go out, color-code your children. Makes it easier to spot them in the crowd


Bring Crayons to the doctor when your kids have a checkup. It keeps everyone distracted during wait times


Clean non-electronic plastic toys in a dishwasher


Painting the fire station floor

fire station

Mom Tip: Yogurt plus food coloring = safe edible paint

Mom tip

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