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Odd Situations that are hard to explain in words

All around us at one point in life, a thing or a situation happens that catches our attention like a magnet and makes us stare at them continuously in amazement while trying to figure out as to what we are actually seeing.

However, unfortunately, nobody is lucky to see these kinds of sightings every day. Still, whenever we see such situations unravel before our eyes we can’t help take out our mobiles and click a snap to capture the moment.

Today we have found a few of such baffling sights that made us think to ourselves as to what people doing them were thinking.

So scroll down to look at these Odd Situations that are hard to explain in words

This parrot is a Fitness Junkie like his owner

Fitness Junkie

Who wants Turkey?


Gotta protect what you value the most

Gotta protect

When there’s no seating inside the car or you just like the weather outside

no seating inside

Making the subway feel like home


It’s almost too easy…for him that is


You can never feel too safe.


What a Monster


You’re confused too, right?


That feeling of pure safety

pure safety

How else do you cut a cake? With a knife!!


Sunbathing like a king


At least he’s not bothering anybody


Who said you can’t nap between subway stops?

subway stops

You will feel like Catwoman walking over this bridge


When there are no available seats on the subway, Make One


When this is the closest thing you have to a lake


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