Instagram makes it easy to take back your hacked accounts

Instagram has finally deiced to address the big issue for its platform that is the hacked accounts.

According to the latest report from the company, they are going to make some serious measures that will allow the users to take the access back of their hacked accounts. This update for taking back the hacked accounts comes after nearly 1 year since the tech media addressed the issue about a bizarre string of hacks that struck Instagram massively.

With this announcement being made, the Instagram is currently undergoing tests for these changes that are going to allow the users to have access to their hacked accounts form the recovery tools that are will be located right in the app. These tools will allow the hacked account users to have access to the account information despite the hackers changing the details.

With these new changes, when a user experiences trouble logging into their Instagram account, the social media will automatically prompt them to a set of information queries related to their accounts such as the email information and the phone number.

From there on, Instagram will send the user a verification code on their email address or the phone number. Once the user enters the verification code, any other logins o a user’s account will automatically be removed from other devices. As for the hacker, he will be unable to make use of the recovery code.

All of this might sound a little too easy and streamlined but is actually addressing a big change. Previously hackers were able to change the information related to the Instagram Account recovery process by changing the following information associated with an account.

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Username

With these crucial informations being changed, the user of the account would then have a hard time navigating through the Automated Support system.

While these new changes are not going to stop the hackers from their hacking attempts, it is still going to make a large setback for the hackers who have a business of selling these stolen accounts.

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