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Microsoft Teams will get the new Walkie Talkie feature for reaching colleagues throughout the day

In order for competing against Slack, Microsoft is introducing a new feature called Walkie Talkie into the program called Microsoft Teams.

The new Walkie Talkie feature is available for preview in the coming months and will turn the tablets or the smartphones into walkie talkies that will be working over the cellular data or Wi-Fi. Microsoft is planning to add this Walkie Talkie into the navigation bar located inside the Microsoft Teams. This new feature has been requested by the users, which are mainly companies many times in the past.

The purpose behind creating the new Walkie Talkie is to offer the Firstline Worker; the employees who are facing the customers and are running the day-to-day operations within the companies that use Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft is stating that this will be a more secure way of using the conventional Walkie Talkies. Emma Williams, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft said, “Unlike analog devices with unsecured networks, customers no longer have to worry about crosstalk or eavesdropping from outsiders.”

Surprisingly enough, not many of the other communication apps such as Whatsapp, Slack or Facebook Messenger have this walkie-talkie feature in their apps. Only Apple introduced one such similar app for their Apple Watch a few years ago. To use that one needed to push-to-talk during a call of FaceTime Audio. Microsoft is now also suing this same push-to-talk feature for the Microsoft Teams to turn it into the walkie-talkie but with an instant connection.

This new walkie-talkie feature will also be making its debut for Microsoft Teams alongside many other new management features. These new features will include the following.

  • SMS sign-in
  • shared device sign-out etc

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