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Mind-soothing apps to help users sleep better

Nowadays, a simple bodily function such as sleeping has become a lot harder when compared to once it used to be.

Countless distractions today like the gazillion TV shows and the billions of movies (figure of speech), or so many memes to share or numerous cringy tweets to read have made sleeping quite difficult on time.

In world of today, there is so much going on that it literally feels quite impossible to sleep at the appropriate time. Fortunately, the very technology that has created distractions in our sleeping patterns have also provided the solution for this problem as well. There are now plenty of tools that help a user go to deep slumber in a few minutes.

For our readers today, we present to you a few of the mind-soothing apps to help users sleep better.

Apps that improve a user’s sleep quality

According to the researchers, or daily sleeping habits are broken into many sleep cycles. According to the research, it has been proven that if a person repeatedly misses their normal sleep or keep a schedule of inconsistent sleep; it can mess up their entire resting period for the body to heal itself. Below we present a few helpful apps that will keep track of a person’s sleep cycles in order to ensure they are getting proper sleep and also they wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle app is actually a very nice twist on the already present alarm clock app on your smartphones. The app makes use of a user’s microphone and keeps track of their sleeping patterns. It only wakes up the user in their lightest sleeping phase without them feeling groggy.

A user can set a time window in which they like to be woken up. For example, the user can set the time window from 7:00 to 7:30 am. The app figures on its own the right time to pull a user out of their deep slumber. In order to snooze the alarm, it compels the user to press the phone screen twice.

Apple Bedtime

For those of you who want to have much greater control over their wake-up timings; they need to make use of the Apple Bedtime app. This app is available as a part of a user’s Clock app and works much like the previously stated Sleep Cycle app. The one major difference of this app is that t lets the user set the exact time for letting the app wake them up.

A user can set the specific days of a week on which they want their alarm to go off such s the weekdays or the weekends only. User can also select as to how many hours they like to sleep and thus the app will automatically let the user know of the time when they should hit the hay. In addition to all this, the app will also give users push notifications before their bedtime.


Pillow is the best app for those people who want to be aware of everything that is related to the way they are normally sleeping. Just like the Sleep Cycle and the Bedtime app, this app also keeps track of a user’s sleep cycles and wakes them in their lightest sleeping phase.

The one feature that sets it apart from other such apps is that it provides the user to set up times for a different kind of mid-day resting cycles like the following.

  • Power Naps for 15 minutes
  • Recovery naps for 45 minutes
  • Full cycle nap for 120 minutes

In addition to this, the app will also give the user the following information during their naps.

  • Heart rate
  • REM Cycles
  • How much time it took a person to go to sleep

Apps that help the user fall asleep

Meditation has been a proven thing for the people who suffer from sleep deprivation conditions like Insomnia. The apps which are listed below are the ones that focus on the mediation to relax an insomniac’s mind in order to help them sleep between by making use of the following techniques.

  • Music
  • Nature Sounds
  • Voice Commands

The purpose of all the apps listed below is to provide a person relaxation to help them fall asleep much faster and better.


First of all the app itself looks incredible. The very appearance of the app is calming to the mind. As for the app’s mediation process, it makes use of the music that is very soothing to the mind and is like a movie-style Soundtrack that a person often sets up to help them wind down in order to go to sleep.

The app also presents meditative narrations in voices of either a male or a female. For those who do not want to hear these human sounds, they can simply shut them off. In the Focus Settings of the app, the user can set the music in a burst.

Headspace: Meditation

The Headspace: Meditation makes a user set up different sessions which are dependent upon the user’s goals. The app sends user many push notifications throughout their day in order to remind them to meditate.

As for the duration of each session, it only takes about a few minutes. For a person whose mind is stormed with myriad thoughts before they can actually sleep; then this app is built especially for you.


Just like the Headspace: Meditation app; Calm will also help soothe a person’s mind before they go to sleep. As for the duration of sessions, they are a bit longer than that of Headspace: Meditation app. User can also set up different programs to help them be in a state of complete zen.


Any of this app is a helpful one and depends on the need of a user. If they want to keep track of their sleeping patterns or if they want to be woken up at the appropriate time; then the apps listed in the first section are the ones for them. As for a person who is troubled by numerous thoughts throughout the day which disrupts their sleeping patterns or right before their sleep; then they can make use of the apps listed in the second session to help them clam their mind for sleeping.

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