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Parents expecting babies but ended up with old people

Almost every baby seems cute and charming that you just want to cry and kiss. Some of these new born abbacies are so cute and adorable that they can literally steal your man or woman away from you with their curtness. Now we present to you some of the babies quite opposite to their cuter parts. These babies are actually personification of old people and their faces don’t lie either.

For our readers today we have compiled a list of pictures of the youngsters who just came out of the womb but they are all set for complaining like old people.

Trust us this is what you need to see today. Scroll down to look at this list of babies of the parents who were expecting babies but ended up with old people. These babies have literally taken up the expression “they grow too fast”.

2 days old baby girl has perfected the “are they using my driveway to turn around?”

baby girl

This Danny Devito look alike baby

Danny Devito

Exactly like Gordon Ramsay; he is even sullen like him

Gordon Ramsay

Baby that looks like an old Irish man

Irish man

15 minutes old and already tired of your sh*t

15 minutes old

Wrinkle, wrinkle, little star. How I wonder how old you are

little star

I couldn’t stop laughing

stop laughing

Baby Jack Frost

She came out of the womb pissed


Baby is a whole 7 mins old & already fed up with life


This is what newborn Norwegians looks like


That is not one happy baby

happy baby

The reincarnation of Don Knotts

Don Knotts

Baby boy was born just in time for his 80th birthday

Baby boy

This baby is already sick of his grandchild’s sh*t


Grumpy old baby


Contemplating life on his first camping trip

camping trip

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