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Student pranks the teacher

We have all witness the humorous teachers who found new ways to punish their students. These teachers even with their strict rules are able to punish the students and have made it on to the grand world of internet.

There are literally of thousands of pictures on internet in which the teachers troll their students. However students are also not dumb. When they get sick and tired of the teacher’s punishments they find a way to avoid them and even take revenge in doing so.

Our today’s video is of the same nature. The teacher in the video has enforced a rule in his class, “if anyone’s mobile rings in the class, they must answer it in front of whole class and on speaker”. Nobody wants their fellow students or least of all their teacher to hear about their personal calls. What if it is our mom who just called to remind us “that she luvs her Bubbula” or it can be your boyfriend or girlfriend who is calling to get their middle of the day wireless kiss through mobile phone. Whatever the case is, it is very hard to receive a call in front of whole calls and to reply on loud speaker.


Well one student that thought of a perfect way to avenge her fellow classmates. The call is of unexpected nature. It was from a maternity clinic for the girl who is answering. The maternity clinic’s person informs her that her pregnancy tests have come positive and they can provide their full service and support in this regard. Teacher is clearly embarrassed about all this as she ahs to reveal this news to whole lass just because of his rule.

Girl says it’s ok and she was planning on having this baby. As for name, if it is a girl she is going to name her; first name “April” and last name ……!

Well if we tell you the whole story then what’s the fun in watching. We are sure you are going to laugh at the end of this video.

Watch the video down below.

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