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People who responded in most hilarious ways to Public Notices

A sing or a public notice placed out in plain sight is actually a great opportunity for a prankster to have their latest joke. The chance becomes even ore precious to these pranksters, when these notices seem to be of passive aggressive nature and are directed to complain abut something of petty nature. These pranksters while watching these notices and signs can’t seem to curb their desire to response in the downright hilarious ways.

For our readers today we have decided to bring to you a list of such hilarious people responded in most hilarious ways to public notices. These pranksters trolled the people who just thought that they were doing a public service by leaving out these notices. Scroll down to look for yourself at some of these funniest responses.

You can also get an idea as to how to mess up someone’s public notice if you ever see one while passing by.

Spotted in Cambridge: friendly neighborhood note banter


A sign at work

sign at work

Coffee maker at office was out of order

Coffee maker

People who want to watch the world burn

world burn

Office philosopher


This must be Alaska or Canada


Retaliation by high school students; now they will know not to mess with teenagers

school students

Friend zoned by cans; sad

Friend zoned

When you really need your tacos


Just like my ex


You gotta deal with it, like it or not

gotta deal

This sign on a vending machine

vending machine

English teacher’s response to a grammar Nazi

grammar Nazi

Ninja turtles fan had a quick response to the posted notice

Ninja turtles

When is a door not a door?


An appropriate question

appropriate question

Do not eat coffee

eat coffee

When you leave the office for 10 minutes


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