Samsung soon going to launch its Galaxy View 2 TV tablet with 17.3-inch display

For those who wish they could pick up their TV around with them, there is good news for you guys finally.  Samsung and the telecom giant AT&T has joined hands to launch their new device by the name Galaxy View 2.

The Galaxy View 2 like its predecessor launched back in 2015 is one of a kind Android Tablet device that is designed for users to use as a TV.

Features of the Galaxy View 2:-

The Galaxy View 2 is an LTE connected TV tablet device which will feature 17.3 inches of Full HD touch screen.

The device will come with quad speakers from the Dolby Atmos Sound.

In addition to this, to get the full experience of a smart TV, it will come with a stand to let it be propped up on a surface.

You can check the amazing innovative design and features of the device in the video down below.


The Galaxy View 2 will come with a 12000 mAh battery and will feature a memory space of 64 GB along with an ability to have an expandable memory of up to 400 GB by use of a microSD card.


As for the camera specs, the Galaxy View 2 will feature a 5 Megapixel front camera for making video calls.  As for its processor, it will be an Exynos 7884 and will have 3 GB RAM for fast functioning.

As for the weight, the device is rumored to be only 6 pounds in weight.

Galaxy View 2’s TV Mode:-

According to the rumors, the Galaxy View 2 will present a TV Mode which is going to let its users access the AT&T’s streaming service known as ‘Direct TV Now”. In addition to this, it will allow the users to switch in between the Live TV and on-demand content with a swipe of a finger.

Other uses:-

When the user is not using it as a TV device, they can use it as a tablet to browse the web as well as access the Android apps form the Google Play Store.

AT&T NumberSync:-

The Galaxy View 2 will also offer a feature known as the AT&T NumberSync that is going to allow the users to use their smartphone number in order to make and receive not only voice but also video calls.

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  1. “Samsung soon going to launch its Galaxy View 2” This article was posted well after AT&T went live with this product. Not sure why the title says it’ll be released soon, instead of saying it’s out now!!!

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