Scientists at California University Created Contact Lenses Which Can Zoom When a Wearer Blinks Twice

Scientists working at the University of California in San Diego are currently testing a cool new piece of tech. This new tech is actually an amazing lens that will allow the user of the lens, wearing it to zoom on things by simply blinking 2 times. A recently published paper explains the technology as “A Biomimetic Soft Lens Controlled by Electrooculographic Signal”. Scientist even said that this lens is totally different from the ones that were developed in the past which could only zoom in by manual source or by pre-written programs.

Scientists of the California University are working on a state of the art Contact Lens

This new contact lens can allow their wearer to zoom in on anything by sampling blinking twice.

This lens will use the Electrooculographic signals that are generated by the eye movements in order to control the focal length and movement of the lens which makes them very unique.

The lens is controlled by the double blinking and the movement of the human eye.

The lens is basically controlled with the help of electrodes that are able to copy the eye muscles.

Below is a GIF to give you a preview as to how this contract lens works.

But still, this lens is not complete and is currently in its prototype phase.

A the moment the prototype also looks like a bunch of messy wires and many microchips; it is only going to be a  matter of time that the tech will be made so compact that it can easily fit under anyone’s eyelids.

While it is going to be a long time when this lens will be available for widespread use, it is still amazing what new strides are being made each and every day in the field of technology to ease up human life.

According to the scientists creating this contact lens, they said that one day this lens can be used for adjustable glasses, remotely operated robotics or for visual prosthetics.

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