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World Record for The Most Trees Planted Broken by Ethiopia; People planted 350 Million Trees in 12 Hours

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia named Abiy Ahmed started a great initiative by the name ‘The Green Legacy” and the mission of this initiative is to restore the landscape of the country along with preserving the damage done by the deforestation as well as the climate changes.

According to the Ethiopian Officials, people nearly planted 350 million trees for the imitative of restoring the landscape of the country.

The big day for the initiative was on July 29th, 2019 when people started gathering at nearly 1000 different sites all across Ethiopia with their mission to plant nearly 200 million saplings in a single day. The goal was very ambitious at first but at the end of the day, the Ethiopia officials over seeing this whole project reported that they along with help of their countrymen were able to plant nearly 350 million trees which is almost double the goal they had in mind.

A tweet was made by the Minster of Innovation and Technology of Ethiopia where he said that people who took part in this grand initiative for their country planted a total of 353633660 tree saplings in a matter of 12 hours. The people who took part in this initiative were humanitarians, students, government officials and environmentalists. While the record is still to be verified, it has certainly beaten the previous record which was for 50 million tress plant in a tree. That record was achieved back in 2016 in the state of Utter Pradesh, India. Their attempt has been noted officially in the Guinness Book of World Records.

It was also said that in order for the people to join many public schools and offices were given a holiday. The very first tree sapling was laid down by the Prime Minster of Ethiopia himself as an example.

This is not a full stop on Ethiopian government’s plans to planting trees. The aim is to plant a total of 1 billion trees this year alone and to that goal, the country has reached the mark of 2.6 billion trees so far.

One-third of Ethiopia was covered in green lush trees by the beginning of the 20th century but now the total coverage has decreased by 4 percent. This is mainly due to the population getting quadrupled from 1960 to now 100 million.

Ethiopia is not the only country in such initiative of restoring its green landscapes. China has also plans to regain its forest coverage by 23 percent in the coming decade.

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