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The Cheap Cosplay Guy Is back With New and Hilarious Costumes

Cosplay is one of the most popular hobbies around the wpo5rld that connects millions of people. If you don’t believe us then Google the New York Comic Con (NYCC) which is held at Javits Center each year for 4 days with over 25000 attendees. The Comic Con which was launched back in 2006 has grown in popularity ever since. According to an estimate, this single comic con event brings out nearly 100 million dollars to the US economy. S for the attendees of this event, they have not even spent money on coming to this comic con but they have also frugally spent a lot of money on their costumes as well.

With that being said there is a cosplayer from Thailand whose name is Anucha “Cha” Saengchart. This young cosplayer is the founder of something that is called “Lowcost Cosplay”. The man has only put his creative mind to work to bring out a few of the best characters from all walks of life into creating their cosplays. He has done all of this with nothing but ordinary items and a little extra creativity.

The man’s cosplays idea might not be worn to cosplay but it is still to look at them and try them at home sometimes when you are bored. In the past, we have shared some of his cosplay ideas with our readers and now we are back to share some more work of Cha.

So scroll down to have a look of the article “the cheap cosplay guy is back with new and hilarious costumes” and have a laugh.





























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