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These designers deserve an award right now

“Designer mind” is a way of thinking when your brain is right side-oriented, causing your memories and creativity to be extremely visual-based. Armed with the “designer’s mind”, many creators of modern art and design are breaking the limits of common ways of thinking and we are here to present the best ones to you.

We love a good creative design, so here is a fresh batch of designs we’ve found that are worthy of your attention.

So scroll down to check the work of these designers who deserve an award right now.

Illuminating Chopsticks equal Star Wars date night


Et tu, Brute?


A creative space-saving design for restaurants


This fire extinguisher on the wall

fire extinguisher

Pill box and water bottle as one for Elderly

Pill box

Hip CD Cover

Hip CD Cover

A can for a fisherman


A sign that is only visible at night


Toothpaste that comes with a sliding key to help roll the tube


A bicycle rack at a local library

bicycle rack

Charging drawers

Charging drawers

This staircase makes a solid point…


Smart books and smart covers

Smart books

A bracelet that is also a phone charging cable


Smart plugs

Smart plugs

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