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Wackiest photos which prove that moms live by their own rules

Our moms are the best. They do different things and show their love in different ways but we all appreciate their care. Some moms have a great sense of humor, some cook perfect dishes, and some are incredibly talented. But there’s still one thing that unites them: they all love rules.

We have collected photos that can prove that our moms live life the way they want to. And no one can judge them!

So scroll down to look at these wackiest photos which prove that moms live by their own rules.

Some person had an accident as a kid. His Mom cut a hole in his head cast for a ponytail so people would know he was a girl


After each party, this mom collects the gift wrap so that she can use it later


My mom always cuts my sandwiches and arranges them in a heart shape to show her love towards me


A mom has this hanging above the dryer in her laundry room


They were 69¢ a pack of 6 so my mom decided to get 120 packs…


Friend’s mom only wanted to tan her legs


Dad and son jokingly told mom that they would leave the store only after she’d taken a selfie on every single device. Next thing they know her face is all over the store…


Moms never check mails, example is Almost 50,000 emails on this mom’s phone


The way this mom censored her calendar


Asked Mom for cash this year, she decided that a check would be too easy


Just because you’re not born yet doesn’t mean your mom can’t dress you up for Halloween


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