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Super kind deeds that will make you fall in love with humanity

There are thousands of heroes in the streets every day. They don’t wear masks or capes and they don’t attract attention to themselves but they’re always ready to give a helping hand or improve someone’s bad mood.

We believe that kindness is the most valuable trait in any person and we’ve found a few of the wonderful people who make this world a better place.

So scroll down to look at some of these super kind deeds that will make you fall in love with humanity.

A traffic police officer in front of a primary school

traffic police

Someone who gave a cup of coffee to a window cleaner

window cleane

Hero of cats made Waterproof shelters for cats


Pink stopping a show to give a grieving teen a hug

Pink stopping

A local hospital is running a campaign to have all premature babies and born angels to have a bonnet at birth because it’s quite hard to buy those sizes. A local mother helped by knitting 88 of them


Someone found a wallet a couple of weeks ago inside a car that they were renting. The wallet had credit cards and quite a bit of cash inside. The gentleman, who it belonged to, happened to be celebrating his birthday that same day. The man who found the wallet was able to mail him his wallet. A few weeks later the other man received this gift and letter of appreciation.


A mystery baker dubbed “the cake fairy” leaving sweet treats for Scots in the dead of night

mystery baker

Someone has been leaving these all around work


Every week this woman walks around my town with a big tray of baked goods and offers one to everyone she sees. It’s such a simple act of kindness but everyone leaves with a smile

big tray

This woman moved to this house and noticed a toad lived in this corner, so she made a house for it. This is right when she saw it use the house for the first time


When your mood is great


Every day this man drives for hours to provide water for thirsty animals

thirsty animals

Keanu crashed this couple’s wedding


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