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Weird Bikes We Can’t Help looking at

In this modern age there is hardly anything unique to be found. People not only wear same clothes or drive in same cars but also live in early same identical houses with same designs.

Bicycles are also same as well no matter where ever in the world you may go. Sure your neighbor can turn the handle bar upside down but pretty much it’s the same bike. However there is still hope if you really want to stand out with a cool bike.

On the intent you can find plenty of weird yet amazing bike design that is hard to ignore. We have prepared just a list of such weirdly designed bikes that might make you prominent when you talk it out for a spin.

Some of the following bike designs are surely unorthodox but they will not only amaze you but also have a few giggles as well. Scroll down to look for yourself and decide which bike design is for you.

Puppy Bike; feel like a dog

Puppy Bike

You never known when you have to hit the can

You never known

Lumbar Support; just what a bike of today needs

Lumbar Support

Monster bike; crush those puny cars

Monster bike

When tired just relax for a bit in this One Room Bike

One Room Bike

Stand Up Bike; you are not going to burn calories while sitting

Stand Up Bike

All Hands Bike; sometimes hands also need a little cycling

All Hands Bike

Ferrari Bicycle; for curbing your sporting needs

Ferrari Bicycle

When an anatomy student decided to modify his bike

Ferrari Bicycle

Sneaker bike; to get your steps in

Sneaker bike

Fat Bike Ski; actually a great idea for newbie Skiers

Fat Bike Ski

Over the top; it’s perfectly safe…NOT

Over the top

Down low…actually a little too low

Down low

This design reminds me a phrase “Yabba Dabba Doo”

Yabba Dabba Doo

Four Wheel Drive

Four Wheel Drive

Fold it, Twist it, bend it

Folding cycle

360 degree bike

360 degree bike

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