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Woman tells her parents in a best way that she was accepted to med school

Life is full of such major events that need us to celebrate them with dinners, parties, and a grand celebration. However, sometimes one only needs a Barbie doll and some hidden emotions to make these grand moments of life special.

Today we tell you the story of a woman named Limayre Mendoza who had to endure many difficult challenges in her pursuit of being a doctor. However, after going through these difficulties for many years, she has finally taken a step closer to realizing her dreams. On this special moment, she wanted to celebrate it with her parents and her daughter.

Mendoza’s daughter uploaded a video on her Twitter account last Thursday. Her daughter’s name is Gabby who in the video can be clearly seen giving her grandfather a Barbie doll. This was no ordinary Barbie doll but a doctor Barbie doll. The box in which the doll is placed has written on it in Spanish, “Mi mami va ser Doctora” which translated into English means “My Mom is going to be a doctor.”

While dazed but still figuring out what was going on, Mendoza’s father sake her ‘Seriously”. After that he jumps up and hugs her daughter dearly.  Next is Mendoza’s grandmother who asked her ‘Did They Accept You”. And she too gives her a big hug after Mendoza replies to both of them “Yeah, They accepted me yesterday”.

Mendoza told media, “I had known that I wanted to be a doctor since I was in third grade. However, the dream only solidified after I knew as to how much medicine impact the society.”

Mendoza started her college education when her daughter Gabby was only one month old. She had to face a long and arduous road in order to make it to her goal.

Through all of her hardships, Mendoza says that her parents had been really supportive of her. They not only let her live with them but also watched her daughter late into the night so that she could study for her exams.

Mendoza after Gaby got married and now has a son too. She says that it was her children that pushed her and she hopes that she will get inspiration from her.

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