You might be due a free iPhone XS or XR battery case from Apple

Recently Apple has launched one new replacement program for its smartphones like iPhone XS, XS Max and XR for their smart battery cases. The new replacement program as started after the users struggled with charging issues for some of these devices. As per the company, many of these cases may have risen due to the problem where these iPhones might not have charged when they were plugged into power. If you too have an iPhone of these models and have similar charging issues, then you can visit the authorized service providers of Apple and get a free replacement from these battery cases.

These battery cases are really expensive as each one costs about 129 dollars but the tight integration of these battery cases with the iPhone means it will provide some really good benefits. iOS is going to display the charging level of the battery case on the top notification bar and also the data can be transferred via the Lightning Port on the battery case.

If you think your old battery case is eligible for this replacement program, then it would be a good idea to take it to an Apple Store. They will most likely provide you with the new battery case for our iPhone after checking and it will not cause any problems in the future.

As per Apple, these affected iPhone models were manufactured in-between the time period of January to October of 2019. If a holder of these models wants to avail of this replacement program’s benefits, they need to take their affected iPhone to the authorized service providers or directly to an Apple Store. The officials there will first check the iPhone for meeting the replacement eligibility criteria and then they will dispose of this affected model in an eco-friendly manner. The replacement program for these affected iPhone battery cases will be covered for about 2 years after they are sold.

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The new Asus ROG Chakram mouse comes with analog stick & the wireless charging

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