Amazon offers $25 Gift Card for letting people have their 3D Body Scan

Amazon has been reported to doing some research in the field of scanning which is to make a digital scan of people’s bodies in 3D. These 3D boy scans are being made via an offer of $25 gift cards.

Amazon is currently taking these image studies at two locations which are both in New York City.

The participation for this test program is being offered via an Instagram advertisement. The ad would then lead a person to an online form where the person could easily able to participate in the 3D body scanning session.

According to the signup page’s instructions, Amazon will be taking 3D scans, videos as well as photos of the program’s participants. These 3D scans will be taken in both fully clothed and swimwear. During the session, height and weight info will also be collected.

According to Amazon, these tests and the data gained through them will be sued for internal product research and will not be used by the e-commerce giant for marketing purposes.

Each session will be of 30 minutes time span and every participant will receive an Amazon’s 25 dollars gift card.

Participants of the research study are also asked to sign an NDA which states that everything the participants experiences or learns during this study, they will keep it strictly confidential.

This body scanning testing is being carried out by a conjunction of a 3D imaging company named Body Labs which was acquired by Amazon back in 2017.

According to Body Labs, their AI technology will allow them to create a 3D model which will be realistic to a person’s body and all of that just from an image. The 3D image will also be extrapolated for characteristics such as wrinkles and Body labs can also add in movements to their models for seeing as to how fabric move and fit on a person.

Before being purchased by the e-commerce giant, Body labs was working with many customized apparel.

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