Playdate, a cute new handheld gaming system

Tech media has unveiled to the public a new and cute handheld gaming system. The name of this new gaming system is Playdate.

Playdate is an adorable pocket-sized gaming system that has been developed by an app developer company named Panic. According to Panic, they had been working on this unit for nearly 4 years and that it was for fun.

Panic further explains that the intention behind Playdate is not to replace any preexisting gaming consoles or platforms that are being used right now by millions; instead, they only designed it to be a complementary gaming system.

Panic, in their official statement, said, “it is designed with an intention to present the user with a jolt of fun in between their times when they use their smartphones and their home gaming consoles. It is meant for those times when you just want to play a game by simply picking up and start playing.”


On the front, Playdate has a black and white screen which does not have a backlight. This is not going to be a problem for the gaming system as Panic says that during night time, Playdate will be clear with its 400*240 resolution LCD as long as the user has a light nearby. As for daytime, the screen is going to be spectacular in ties functioning.


Below the screen are two of the sot common controls; A and B buttons along with a D-Pad. What is not common is a Crank on the Playdate’s side which is actually an analog controller which can rotate. Users will be using this crank sometime or simply not use it at all.


As for the games, Playdate does not have any cartridges. It will only have specific games that have been designed for Playdate and will be on air during what is being called as a Season.

For every week of the upcoming 12 weeks a new game will be released and levered to the gaming system online. The new game will be made known to the players by a light on its hardware.

The first game on Playdate:-

The first game that will be made available on Playdate is going to be Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure which is designed by the same developers who presented us with Katamari Damacy.


Playdate will be made available for purchase sometime in early 2020 while the preorders for it to be accepted in 2019; both for a sum of 149 dollars.

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