Amazon will now leave customer packages safely in their garages

The Amazon has started the service for its Amazon Prime Members 3 days ago by the name “Key For garage”. This is Amazon’s program which was announced by the company back in January.

This program is the expansion of Amazon’s already existing Amazon Key Service which allows the Amazon delivery members to safely deliver the packages of the customers’ right in their garages.

The Amazon Key service was already providing the packages for the company’s customers, right at their homes or in the trunk of their cars.

For the Amazon Prime members to use this service, they need to install the myQ-compatible garage door opener which is available from either LiftMaster or Chamberlain.

To provide ease to its customers Amazon has also placed a  lookup tool on their official website for the customers to check if their garage doors are already compatible or not with this new garage door opener or not.

If the customer’s garage door is not compatible, then Amazon offers the sale of the myQ Smart Garage Hub which can be installed in the customer’s garage door and is available for a meager introductory price of 50 dollars. For the users to utilize this service, they also need to have the Amazon Prime subscription.

After the customer subscribes for the subscription, they can simply select the “In-Garage Delivery” service which then allows a delivery driver to place the packages directly into the garage.  Customers can also access the garage door remotely with the help of the Key provided by the Amazon app.

They can also monitor the space with the help of the Amazon Cloud Cam. Both of these features are also available with the pack of the Smart Garage Hub for the introductory price of nearly 125 dollars.

The Key by Amazon has nearly covered 50 cities in all across the United States with the 13 new additions being made in Las Vegas, Rochester, and Fresno.

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