Best games to play on Xbox One

If you are someone who has recently added the Xbox One X or the Xbox One S this year for your home entertainment system then you are going to need some of the best games to play on the Xbox One. Now playing games on these consoles is much cheaper and easier. One only needs to load up these best games to play on their Xbox One.

For a price of only 14.99 dollars per month, players can get access to the Game Pass Ultimate; an all in one subscription that provides user access to numerous games for downloading. It also gives the subscriber the ability for playing multiplayer online games with their friends as well as exclusive discounts for the popular game titles.

This is why we have made up a list of the best games to play on Xbox One. One thing to note here is that the players with Game Pass will only have access to only 6 of the following titles.

The Outer Worlds

The latest title from Obsidian will give you a feeling that is needed for most of the FPS (First Person Shooting) games imbued with elements of RPG such as the Fallout games. In fact, this game was developed based on the Fallout: New Vegas which makes it not a surprise that the ‘The Outer Worlds’ is filled with many memorable past characters of the Fallout series along with amazing guns and the skills that let a player choose their own class.

Gears 5

The latest entry in the Gears series is the Gears 5 and it is one of the best to be released yet in that series. This title is not like the other Gears titles you have played and loved as it comes with snapping into cover, as well as pulling off those Active Reloads and hacking those baddies in pieces with the chain saw action.

The one new thing in Gears 5 is that it comes with an outstanding campaign that a player can play with their friend either sitting side by side or on the internet. As it was expected, this multiplayer option comes with different modes that will keep a player entertained for a long time.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

For those game gluttons who love the games that punish the payers for smallest of the mistakes and regard the payers handsomely for making the enemy patterns perfect then the game titled Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is for you.

The game is developed by the FromSoftware, the very same studio which made the Dark Souls but this time, the game takes place in the Feudal Japan era. The game provides the payers with a give-and-take parry configuration that makes the fighting strategic and a nail-biting experience. Still, beware; the game is insanely difficult to play.

Devil May Cry 5

There are very games in the gaming industry that have positive aspects like the game titled Devil May Cry 5 has. Only playing within the very few first minutes of the game, the payers are thrown into the frenzy and fast combat of the game which is its signature and this whole combat does not die down even once through the entire campaign mode. As the game is the 5th installment in the series, it is a welcoming game title by the new gamers.

Apex Legends

The game developer Respawn Entertainment is most renowned for their game Titanfall and now in 2019 for their game titled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. But the game that every game lover should have on their Xbox one is the Apex Legends.

The game has a similar design as many of the other games featuring Battle Royal modes such as PUBG and Fortnite. This free FPS game only gives a player one chance to make it to top of the rankings. Still, the game is made satisfying with its gunplay, classes for characters.

Outer Wilds

For those of you who are in a mood for a slow game that allows a player to explore the universe at their own pace then you must definitely try the Outer Wilds. In the gameplay for the first few hours, the gameplay seems like that of a simple space journey but as the players play the game a deeper story is revealed.

The gameplay will get more intriguing that will let a player be taught to make the most of their exploring skills to explore the planets they travel.

Untitled Goose Game

This is undoubtedly one of the simplest and the best games to play on Xbox One as the game has been one of the most talked-about games of the year 2019. The Untitled Goose Game is the small indie game where the payers take on a character of one naughty goose whose mission is to terrorize the simple-minded townsfolk.

The game spooks the game characters by sneaking, squawking and flapping its wings much like the nature of all the ordinary gooses.

Void Bastards

Void Bastards is the FPS game that tolls a dice each time to shuffle up all the characters and then decide which character a player will play with, how levels in-the game are laid out during every playthrough and what rewards will a player get for beating the levels.

While everything will be completely different in each session, the gear ad loot of the player will remain the same to allow a player to have an advantage in passing the difficult levels.


The latest games from the makers of game titles such as Quantum Break, Alana Wake and Max Payne; Remedy Entertainment, is Control.  This is the 3rd person shooter game in which players will play the character of Jesse Faden to work and unravel the secrets of the top-secret government agency while gaining new superpowers for combating against a paranormal entity named Hiss.

Resident Evil 2

Capcom revamped its horror classic from 1998 Resident Evil 2 to make it one of the best games to play on Xbox One and other consoles in 2019. The game is made more enjoyable with refined controls as well as uses of the modern hardware increase the beats of the storyline and with that the scares also get high. Like the original title, the game allows players to play through multiple perspectives after playing the play through the first time.

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