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Awesome Things That Will Make You Say “Wow!”

Those who are blessed with a wild imagination turn out to be great artistry that can create amazing things.  They can waffle lids, make rice field paintings or even the toothpaste that comes with sliding keys to roll up the tube. Our question to them is as to “where do you get the inspiration?’

Today for our readers we have collected some of the awesome items from all across the world that are the result of an ingenious mind.

So scroll down to look at these awesome things that will make you say “wow!”.

Waffle lids for those who’re against using plastic

Waffle lids

A decorative rolling pin

rolling pin

A hair clip that works as a screw driver, wrench, ruler, and serrated knife

hair clip

This bracelet is also an iPhone charging cable

iPhone charging cable

This toothpaste that comes with a sliding key to help roll the tube


This “floating” mug aims to put an end to rim-shaped stains on furniture


A pumpkin that was grown in a mold


This delivery came with a small plastic tool to help open the box

small plastic tool

A way we could all save water

save water

The cutest bubble-wrap ever


A faucet that dispenses soap, water, and air


These tiny truck mints my wife got to give to her customers

tiny truck mints

Farmers from Inakadate, a Japanese village, create rice field paintings using different kinds of rice


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